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Richard Kavanagh
27 May 2011

Bad idea. Enforcement requires some sort of authority. That authority will soon censor other things.

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27 May 2011

Joe M says it all and he is right.

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L. Sheldon
27 May 2011

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

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27 May 2011

I just think it is not a good idea. Warn yes, but cut them off? I know there are weird things that go around all the time, like the ones that regularly attack FB. So I am on FB and suddenly some new attack flies through hopping from machine to machine saying click here to all my friends, and your going to turn me off, even though it is not my fault? That just does not sit well with me....

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27 May 2011

There are some really good comments here. I too agree that stopping net access for an infected computer will cause a lot of trouble. How about an ISP warning a customer that it believes to be infected, then helping them clear the infection?

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27 May 2011

Wow, it's unconstitutional to turn off a service that someone has paid for. Are we also going to blame the people who get telemarketing phone calls at dinner time? Cut off their phone service to cut down on telemarketing? That's what it amounts to.

I like the idea of the ISPs informing people that their computer has been compromised, but nothing else.
And isn't that what Antivirus programs are supposed to do, warn and quarantine/delete the intruding invader?
If you're going to blame someone, blame the virus/malware programmers, not the computer user.

I am adamantly against blocking Internet service for any reason.

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28 May 2011

While this idea may sound good just think of what is the worst thing that might happen with this kind of control and likely that is what it evolve to eventually.

I would go along with the ISP should notify and help people who have such problems. But notify and help is as far as it should go...

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29 May 2011

I have Verizon, with a deluxe version of MSN. This includes free MacAfee. Every ISP should be required to furnish protection as part of their service. I totally agree with the fellow who says, "Responsibility is the key word".

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30 May 2011

Those people who spawn Malware and viral Spam should be treated as terrorists because of the damage they cause. The huge amount of financial damage to companies, and the vast amount of wasted bandwidth due to those idiots is not just annoying but incredibly costly. Sources should be traced and coders punished to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps if they had to pay for the damage and suffer jail time, the issue would diminish dramatically.

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06 Jun 2011

I agree, unless you have an unscrupulous ISP like I do. My local telco, Ponderosa Phone Company, provides the only broadband connection in my area. Apparently, they detected a batch of emails originating from my computer so they blocked my email account without telling me. It took me hours of debugging to find the problem.

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