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RG Schmidt
16 Feb 2014

I'm really confused about backups. I have an HP Portable USB 3.0 drive which is always plugged in to my tower, and Norton Ghost writes to it on an ongoing basis. Would you consider my computer backed up? What prevents the virus from getting onto the external drive via Ghost?

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29 May 2014

Bob - I noted in this article that MBAM was stopped from running after a few minutes. I've had success with removing malware from friends' computers by using MBAM's "Chameleon" feature. This allows MBAM to run by disguising itself so the program keeping it from running doesn't recognize it. The worst example I was able to clean up had a little more than 250 items of malware clogging up the works.

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12 Sep 2014

I can't believe that you are still using XP, Could theses be signs that the hard drive need replacing. Windows Defender won't run on XP. Sounds like the Google redirect virus.

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James Ford
23 Jan 2016

I would use a VM or my iPad to investigate these type of issues.

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08 Jul 2016

Why didn't you use a scrap machine. Or virtual PC

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Brian Clare
11 Feb 2017

I have used Macrium solution for some years. As a Windows 10 'Insider' a reliable 'backup / image' is a necessity, not an option. In fact,the same applies to any user. Recently a build of insider crashed on my Toshiba laptop, No restore point worked, Windows image failed & unable to go back to an earlier build No Windows recovery options were successful. Answer Macrium image restore. Has not failed me so far.Always have a Macrium backup /image on my other two 'Live' working systems. In addition I run "File History" on all 3 systems regularly.

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31 Jul 2018

HOW do you KNOW it was a Russian hacker site ? It could be a site in US, pretending to be Russian ! Or Ukraine , or anywhere on Earth !

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11 Aug 2018

I have PC-Matic and it is wonderful for blocking virus' and has many other features.

I think if you had PC-Matic anit-virus software, this virus would have been blocked and not an executable.

Correct me if you feel this is untrue!


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22 Jul 2019

RG Schmidt, your computer is not backed up. As another poster wrote you do not have a backup if your computer content is not on 3 different media (computer, 2 backups) of which 1 should be off-site.
Ideally there should also be a history of backup, i.e. a backup should not overwrite the already existing backup on the media.

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