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Leisure Suit Larry
03 Feb 2013

There are some good suggestions here, however even the best password can't protect you from someone cracking a database and downloading user passwords.

Which is what just happened to Twitter when someone stole 250,000 passwords.

Posted by:

20 Jul 2013

I tried the secure password thing it said excelent but if i put same password on my yahoo it still says weak

Posted by:

Ron Amat
14 Nov 2013

I use the exellent program and app B-Folders 256Bit encrypted database on PC - Laptop - and Phones with one strong password to remember. Additionally the database is destroyed after 10 attempts to crack it.Syncronising between the units is a breeze.

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18 Jan 2014

Why is everyone obsessed with random, etc passwords when MANY sites won't even use ONE-WAY encryption of what you send in for login credentials!

And if you forget your password, MANY of these will send it back to you in a PLAIN TEXT email.

SHEESH! Check out -->

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20 Jan 2014

I often will use the first letters of each word in a long quote. I also use which offers two layers of protection--the initial phrase which creates the matrix, and a unique word for the site you're accessing.

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09 Apr 2014

I use the first line of a poem by my favorite poet, and then add his initials and add an exclamation point.

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05 Sep 2015

My bank does not allow the use of characters above the numbers (ie @#*&$^). All I can use is letters and numbers. So although they encourage good passwords, they restrict your ability to create them, even restricting the length to something short.

Good article.

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02 Apr 2019

I was amazed when the breach at Equifax revealed my password. Here is a company, supposedly assisting me with security of my financial accounts, who somehow leaked my password. Do they not encrypt such information in a manner that would protect that information? From then on, I use a password generator that creates totally random unguessable sequences, and change them frequently. It's a pain, but better then the fear of potential consequences of a bad actor exploiting the next breach. I have lost trust in the watchdogs.

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