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27 May 2013

Sad about CNET. Back in the day when everything was NOT online CNET was such a trusted name. I don't know what happened to them but it would almost seem they have fallen into a funk of greed I suppose. My guess is that somehow someway they get a kickback from this "crapware". I too have pretty much boycotted (sp?) CNET.

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Wynn Jones
27 May 2013

I downloaded & installed Secunia PSI, it was unable to connect because it said it doesn't work with Proxy servers. I use Verizon wireless. Don''t even know how to use a Proxy. Would love to be able to teach this tool to others if I could get it to work on my 6 computers. Is there a patch of some kind or what?

I use your columns extensively to teach seniors about their computers & how to operate safely.

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Wynn Jones
27 May 2013

The third time I ran the Secunia PSI it ran.
Sorry for the intrusion

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Gerry Donofry
28 May 2013

Excellent article. Been using PSI for years. Not a fan of version 3 yet as I thought version 2 was more intuitive. Finally, C/NET gets called out ! If enough of us keep on C/NET, there may be hope for them yet. Wish I could get my company to put PSI everywhere !

Thanks, Bob.

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29 May 2013

Not only C|Net but also TUCOWS is putting foistware in their downloads. They both used to be trustworthy, it is sad to see the pursuit of the almighty dollar corrupt the integrity of once trustworthy sites.
A couple of updates ago Avast! Free Antivirus added a software update checker to the program. I am not too impressed with it yet, but it is there.
I have been running PSI on my systems for several years now, and was very disappointed with the update to version 3. They did at least add the view all programs capability on the second iteration, but it is still too slow. I thought it was just my slow computers, now I see from earlier comments that it is not just me. One other thing about Secunia PSI, they, by their own admission, only check for critical updates. So if you have a program that has been updated but not to fix a security flaw PSI will not tell you about that.
Thanks for the info on FileHippo, I just downloaded it and man is it quick, makes me wonder what PSI is doing that it takes so long.

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28 Apr 2014

good article as usual but i believe you owe your readers a response to all the negative comments on your recommended Secunia software and the alternative use of Ninite which you also recommended according to a reader.
I have Avast and it recommends software that need update but even though I update Adobe it still shows as needing update?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I just downloaded Secunia PSI on a Win7 PC and while it did take several minutes to scan my software, it did correctly identify what needed updates, and the updates went quickly. I continue to recommend PSI.

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07 May 2014

Secunia PSI takes forever to run - use FileHippo Update or Glary Utilities instead. JAMES is right about Ninite which, while slow, takes out the dangers of downloading. The only sites that I still consider safe (besides author's sites) are Bleeping Computer, FilePuma, FileHippo, and MajorGeeks. CNET has sold out and you must never download from there!

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Bill Ring
20 Jan 2015

I had FileHippo on my old computer and this article prompted me to install it today on my new computer... seems that now you have to download their App Manager 1.45 and that gets the file checker program installed... low and behold, when I got to the point of starting the download I noticed they wanted to install the "Ask" toolbar... heeding your many warnings about this piece of crapware I terminated the download immediately... guess I'll just stick with Secunia Personal Software Inspector for now.

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