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26 Oct 2013

Along with Hitman Pro I also use AdwCleaner. Very effective and gets things Malwarebytes passes by

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Rick Roray
26 Oct 2013

I just had a bout with ransomware that would not allow me to change boot sequence in CMOS. No matter what I tried, it went straight to Windows. Finally got lucky enough for Malware bytes chameleon to get me out of it but still had other cleanup to do for the next day or so as the new problem arose.

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28 Oct 2013

I first use disk cleanup, c-cleaner, adwcleaner, atf cleaner to get rid of all the junk in temp files


If it finds anything SAS-

If SAS finds anything besides cookies Spybot Search and Destroy (which uses a different search pattern)

If lots of cookies found tighten up IE and install cookie blocker, ad blocker, Hosts file.

IOBIT stole others databases, I do not trust them.

Depending on what's found an anti-rootkit, combo fix, etc follow

Posted by:

28 Oct 2013

FREE?????? MY ASS I go thru all the steps on Sparktrust and now there is NO FREE option, they just want you to pay for it? WHY Do you call it FREE BOB? WHY? WHAT a wast of time.. EJ

EDITOR'S NOTE: I didn't list Sparktrust in my article. Maybe you saw it elsewhere?

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29 Oct 2013

hi Bob, good tips but you missed a few LOL

some more additions:

Iobit Malware Fighter FREE


Spyware Blaster

oh and I recommend people use:


I hope these additions have the thumbs up from you too Bob?


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29 Oct 2013

Bob, I am a faithful reader of your newsletters and I honestly, do NOT know how I missed this newsletter!!! Darn, had I read it, I would have been forewarned about C|Net's massive "malware" additives!!!

I tried to download a program and the main website sent me to C|'s download site. I didn't give it a thought, I have downloaded from there so many times, I can't count ... Never had a problem, until this past month or so. I am still dealing with "crap" that was downloaded, that I had NO awareness and NO notice, that it was being included with the download!!! Yes, I am pissed ... C|Net should know about all of this and they don't seem to be doing a thing, about it. Makes me wonder, if, they are being paid by these malware companies and don't care about their computer customers, any longer. Also, it maybe that C|Net hasn't care about the consumer, for a long time. >:(

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31 Oct 2013

Thanks for the great article. Glad you also referred to bundling unwanted products with the one you really want. CNet seems to do this a lot, with DriverMax for ex. And then there's Adobe doing the same.

Posted by:

John Harmer
02 Mar 2015

Hello Bob.
Regarding your article re best free av products. i suggest you take look at Qihoo 360 internet security(free).I have been using this product for about 18 months and find it the easiest and best i have tried,including most of the one's you have in your article.In fact i think it is better than a lot of the paid one's.
Regards John

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