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15 Jan 2014

I gave up windows some time ago and use only linux distributions. I have had no problems so far but wonder whether linux is really "immune"

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15 Jan 2014

Hello Bob,

Thanks as usual for your informative emails.

I have just downloaded and installed CryptoPrevent.

If it is this simple to lock certain areas from executing rouge code, why does Microsoft not do so as standard? i.e. Why does it take a free program form an enthusiast to do Microsoft's job for them?

I tried to use LastPass's form fill on this comment form, but it did not seem to work. I will have to investigate whether that is to do with CryptoPrevent or something else.

Thanks again for the newsletters,

Ken Ormson

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Ian Atkinson
15 Jan 2014

Comment from one of my very expert adult sons.

One point he should make more clearly is that backups must be 'offline', for instance on unplugged USB drives or on write once disks, because this pest will encrypt any data on drives which are online.

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16 Jan 2014

A very interesting article - thanks Bob.
It would a real ouch if it came to pass. A question for you, I use a Seagate continuous back up drive. It backs up every changed file as it changes (including the OS), so would it back up an encrypted file as a change or a new file, do you know. If the name of the file is also encrypted would the Seagate program think it's a new file and act accordingly. It seems to me it may be a case where one has to carry out a manual back up as well and then disconnect it from the computer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't know if the filenames are encrypted. But if your backup program keeps multiple versions, you should still be able to recover. I make an image backup weekly, with daily incrementals. I keep the backups for four weeks, deleting the oldest each week. And a copy of my image is stored offsite, as well.

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abby normal
16 Jan 2014

Just for your information, this ALERT was on Television, on every Major TV Station, ONE MONTH ago!!! I forwarded the Information to all of my Friends!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, cryptolocker has been in the news, but Powerlocker is just emerging. Also, it wasn't until recently that most of the major antivirus programs had detection capability.

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02 Jun 2014

I was looking through your site about dsl hacks. Kind of got a little insight, as I am sure my dsl is being hacked as I type. but I have encountered the ransomware nonsense I have/had a worm on my P.c. that was posted as a remote ransomware on the site a running under the default RD in documents, but have noticed I keep getting hit by Android.Trojan.Koler.A. As I feel this might be the same attacker I can't say for a fact other then he would love nothing more then to see me in prison, A: So I'm not a reliable source to the feds if they ever get their crab together and bust him B: just cause he's an evil puke who has done this to people before. Well the Trojan I thought I'd mention. And well I'll be back. like the site.

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Des West
07 Jun 2014

Hi again Bob,
Thanks again for a superb article. I have downloaded it (CryptoPrevent) to my computer.

A while ago, a friends computer was 'locked out' with this type of program, and on research I found a program called "Hit-man Pro" - Is it possible for you to research this and maybe post your expert advise as to is suitability/usability as well?

Cheers again. Recommend your newsletters to all my friends and in fact with posts like this one, I send the WHOLE e-mail to them, I also use the B.c.c - to protect their addresses from being harvested by 'bots'.

Thanks again. Des

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