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23 Dec 2014

Wish I could trust a password company to keep my information a secret. But I do not.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good news! You don't have to trust them. You have the option to store all the data on your local computer, or in encrypted form on their server. In the latter case, only you would have the encryption key.

RESPONSE: If the program can change passwords on 3rd party websites, it can "phone home" that same information. So I have to trust that it does not. Hence my original comment.

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25 Dec 2014

I've been using "password safe" for a while now and it's an amazing too. No back doors. And best of all it's free! Give it a try and let me know what you think.Here's the link http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/

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Dan Boyce
09 Nov 2017

Wow, talk about coming to the conversation late! So, I read this article a month or so ago and decided to try Dashlane. I'm using v. 5.0.0 and went ahead and purchased the premium version. I'm still trying to decide if I like using it. One big problem I'm having with it is that it is not able to distinguish between a log in page and other data entry boxes sometimes entering passwords or overwriting passwords with non password data. I've been locked out of some websites because of Dashlane auto login function but using a wrong password. I also find multiple password files for a single website with differing passwords.

I tried the auto password change function and found that all it did was send me to the website and left it up to me to go through the change password function. But I see now that that function is only available on a limited number of sites.

I'm thinking about uninstalling Dashlane and trying one of the other password managers... or going back to the default google password manager and my encrypted excel file :D

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