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02 Nov 2015

To Paul H H: I use RoboForm and found that it does not work with Edge either. Ended up setting my LT up with IE 11 & Chrome instead.

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02 Nov 2015

I am linux user and had used keepassx for sometime.
Also use LibreOffice spreadsheet to have my passwords listed in alphabetical order.

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03 Nov 2015

Just installed bitdefender antivirus pro and it remember passwords I use on Firefox for me, now, though I'm not altogether trusting of anything I don't control completely. I have other browsers that don't use that and, instead, save my passwords in one particular format type, zip encrypt it with one password only I could know, saving it, and then renaming it to a different file extension type. Has worked very well for me for a couple decades now.

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08 Nov 2015

KEEPER I have been using keeper for many years across numerous computers & phones without a problem. There is a free version & the paid version which I use for $9.99 a year.

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10 Mar 2017

I also use KeePass. It's free. Local, so my passwords are not in the cloud. Also a flash drive option for remote use. Excellent product.

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DBA Steve
11 Mar 2017

Allowing my security info (e.g. userids, passwords, security Q&A) to be stored on some random server has always scared me. I've used RoboForm for years, but only on my desktop. The RoboForm data is encrypted via VeraCrypt.

Admittedly, I am paranoid. Because I spent so many years working as a security specialist on mainframes, I just can't bring myself to trust RoboForm or LastPass or any "cloud" service like that.

Can I have your thoughts and suggestions, please?

Thanks in advance.


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17 Feb 2018

I am using S10 password vault, it is small and simple, one password to open. It is not synced so it is for desktop, but with a 5$ contribution, it can be synced to other devices. Holds unlimited # of passwords & is free. It has a feature to make it safe from keyloggers, it has a click & drag feature which is so easy. I also have used Dashlane, but find this S10 much easier to use & it is so small it will not bog the computer down. It also has a free offering which is mobile, can be saved to a flash drive.

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02 Apr 2018

I know this is kinda old now and there are multiple newer some for FREE and others are a subscription with an annual fee. I have used LastPass as a paid user for years now. Paying $1 a month for the longest time. Next year they are doubling it to $2 per month. This will push them outside of what I care to pay for. So I am re-looking at password managers to use. I would like to know what is thought of bitwarden or KeePass? THANK you in advance for All You Do!!

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Dan Valleskey
02 Apr 2018

password box is now defunct.

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18 Jul 2019

I just went to PassWordBox and although you indicate it was purchased by Intel, the screen comes up showing McAfee and with the name: McAfee | TrueKey

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18 Jul 2019

I have used Roboform for many years but in the past several years they have tried to get to fancy and I am not impressed. I tried to set it up on my Android phone and it will not sync. On another computer it keeps asking me for a new login. Not really happy with it anymore, don't have time to be contacting support for a solution.

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12 Aug 2019

2FA is optional? If you use a password manager without 2FA then you are not very bright.

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