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08 Apr 2016

CryptoMonitor is no longer valid. The author is now working for Malwarebytes and is producing MB AntiRansomware. It was stated early on in the BETA testing that this software was not going to be a stand alone utility but would be included in Malwarebytes other products.

No matter which prevention software you use, please have an offline (not always connected) backup and keep it current.

When it comes to ransomware, in the end the best thing is you back up, you back up, you back up. Removing the ransomware code is never a problem; recovery of the previous data is.

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08 Apr 2016

Great article! Does the Ransomware affect only C or can D & E drives be locked up too?

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09 Apr 2016

Thank you. Having had the experience with ransomware, I found a way around it in Windows 10. I just asked Cortana to take me to another site. (She wasn't affected.) I know lucky me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That doesn't sound like a ransomware attack. When ransomware strikes, your files are encrypted (scrambled) and you're pretty much stuck unless you pay the ransom.

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10 Apr 2016

Bob, I got an email from Malwarebytes tonight urging everyone to buy Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium $25 to run alongside Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, which I have. What's your thought?

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John O
10 Apr 2016

Isn't Win 10 just another form of ransom wear? It took a couple of tries to dump the KB3035583. Then it appeared again from the Balmerites as a recommended upload. I hid this one and discovered a remaining process for GWX which I dumped.

They appear hell bent for charging repetitive fees
and forced upgrades. A protracted ransome?

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Howard Lewis
02 Jun 2016

I asked Norton if my Norton 360 protects my Windows 7 64-bit PC against ransomware. Answer was yes, and if I have a problem they'll fix it free. I also was told that I needn't look into any of the software recommended here because 360 provides adequate protection. Any disagreement?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You asked a salesperson for Norton 360 if their product is the best? Of course they'll say yes! :-)

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