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Owner of New PC
05 Jul 2016

Is removal of the Updater sufficient, or does one need to reset or restore the PC from before its first OEM update to remove compromised registry entries that gave a "Trusted Installer" too many permissions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Removal of the installer is sufficient.

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06 Jul 2016

Sad, this is what happens when we buy products that do not have iso9000 or better.

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13 Jul 2016

Thanks, Bob for a very helpful article; nice to have someone watching my back!

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17 Jul 2016

As soon as I take any new kit of of the box, I wipe the pre-installed OS and start fresh install. As well as security holes, they are often resource hogs as well. (Looking at you Acer and Dell)

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Russ Muller
18 Jul 2016

I tried the Remo My Turbo PC and it sucks!!!!IT is not FREE, after placing it all over my PC it wanted me to pay or buy so much for 'free' downloads!!!Plus it took a LONG time to get it off.Listen folks Bob has some things right but not all the time. "I" HIGHLY recommend getting Microsoft's "Microsoft Security Essentials" I got as part of a larger package but it will remain after my M.S. "Assured Support Plan" ends. Essentials is great you can run short or long scans and get security updates from M.S. you can't beet that with a stick!!!

Posted by:

Ken Heikkila
29 Jul 2016

What about third party updaters like PSI that you have previously recommended?

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