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07 Apr 2018

I have been using Malware Bytes Premium for some time. The results have been very good (no infections or issues). They also offer a suite of 4 premium tools to give you a broad coverage. I was able to buy the package for 3 or 5 computers at a very reasonable price. Malware Bytes Premium has been a solid solution in my experience. I'd suggest checking them out and determining if it works for your needs.

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Steven Horn
08 Apr 2018

Bob, I am surprised that you are pushing Sophos at the expense of other security software even though there are many other good programs out there. I have used Webroot's SecureAnywhere for years and have no complaints. I also have a "clean" computer.

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08 Apr 2018

This seemed like a good idea, so in order to prepare I deleted AVG (free). Had some problems getting the email in order to start download, but install went well.

After download the monitor attached to the laptop it is installed on does not work.

Started a chat with support and after some time the problem was resolved. (Great support)

This laptop controls several other computer displays using Mutliplicity by Stardock (Great Program) and I noticed that when typing into those other displays all was gibberish.

Back to support only to learn that there was no solution and I was going to have to uninstall. That all took several hours and resulted in reinstalling AVG which I have used for years without any major problems.

Note to self: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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