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Dennis English
24 Apr 2020

I cannot share your faith in PCmatic. I purchased the "lifetime" product for up to 3 devices in my home. I was running XP in my HP desktop at the time. I thought I was protected, but I wasn't. When I contacted them after the infection it turned out they had not sent me an .exe file, which they did after it was too late. I have not used them since.

EDITOR'S NOTE: So it sounds like you hadn't installed the PC Matic software (the .exe file). Hard to blame them for that...

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26 Apr 2020

Regarding the Facebook account recovery page, it does not work for me. I was locked out a while ago, and over time have tried it several times, but it just leaves me going in circles back to the main screen. Cannot reset password or "Reover Account" because every time I click for it to send me an email with a code, nothing arrives to my Inbox.

This is so frustrating. Is there anything else I can try?

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28 Apr 2020

Just about 2 weeks ago I got a call from a company that I have an account with. They told me who they were and said I needed to verify my account by answering the security system before they proceeded with their the call. Of course, I wasn't about to give them any information and hung up. I notified the company and told them I received a scam call claiming to be them and gave them the phone # on the caller ID.They emailed me back and said it WAS FROM THEM! I told them they have a very stupid approach and now question if I should be doing business with them. YOU should NEVER give any information to someone if YOU did not initiate the call.

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