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21 Jan 2021

There is a free program that does the same as Deep freeze. It is made by Toolwiz and is called Timefreeze. Thought people would like to know. I use it in school classrooms and have people save on D: which is not "protected". This leaves the "working computer" at its best.

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21 Jan 2021

Charley, that question is the BEST of all the comments I've seen. Thanks!

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Dave Leippe
22 Jan 2021

I used Deep Freeze for several years in an Adult Education program. Our computer lab had 30 identical computers, plus network storage and network printers. It was running on Windows XP. Fortunately,
we had Deep Freeze, because our computer lab was open in the day to high school students that liked to "explore" the Internet, etc. All I had to do was make sure each PC had been shutdown, before my adult class arrived. Many of my adults were seniors and experiencing a computer for the first time. Normally they were reluctant to try things and learn. Once they realized they couldn't hurt anything, because they could simply reboot. They also learned that they need to to keep their data backed up to the network drive storage provided.

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Alexa Azzopardi
11 Jun 2021

As a community college librarian with 75 computers in my library and as a former high school and elementary librarian, I can't imagine functioning without this type of software! We would be a hot mess if students were allowed to make permanent changes to our computers. Consequently, we have to train our less-computer savvy students to save to their school-provided OneDrive or to their personal flash drives, but that's easy. I have to laugh about high school students "exploring" the Internet. Our high school students liked to hack our system and leave obnoxious pictures as the computer wallpaper. One quick reboot solved all of our problems.

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