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19 Nov 2009

Hi!...I hav a Pentium III processor with 256Mb RAM and Windows XP installed.My system restarts even when i open a website,or a randomises the application for restart...For example initially it gets restarted when i open ORKUT.but now,its for someother application.Please HELP???

Posted by:

Chris skinner
30 Nov 2009

I would expect any more posts from mr. Rankin on this matter. I think he's already done an excellent job addressing the issue and possible solutions. I often compare these problems to the guy that goes to the machanic and says " hey my cars making a funny noise, what is that?" ALL pc's are inherently different machines with the own "personalities" in a sense of trouble shooting. Pegging down your solution is YOUR job;) anyway I just wanted to comment. I never do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That was the best comment on this article in a long time. Thanks! :-)

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18 Dec 2009

Configuration of my PC:

P-3 868 Mhz Processor, 256 MB SD RAM, 80 GB IDE HDD.

Mostly I used 256 two rams for using 512 MB RAM in my two slots, But after a year suddenly my computer restart. I check my slots and also my RAM, all are fine. What should i do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: All I can suggest is to try EVERYTHING that you see in the article, and the followup comments.

Posted by:

23 Dec 2009

recently i had a problem which makes my pc restart when i try to download with IDM. but after uninstalling IDM it seems ok. :) butwhat would be the reason for that???

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like a bug in the IDM code, or something about it that interacts poorly with your browser.

Posted by:

26 Dec 2009

I have a Dell destop computer. After I had logged out of my sisters profile, I tried to log into mine and after I hit enter the computer froze the loading and a message popped up. I'm not sure exactly what it said but it basically said that my computer profile is corrupted. I couldn't click on anything so I powered it off by the power button. Then I turned it on and it went to the menu where it asks if you want to restart it normally or in safe mode. Which ever one I click it starts to load but it powers of then back on to the same menu. It does it over and over and thats it. Please help.

Posted by:

19 Jan 2010

hey bob, what about pcwizard software?
i have that one.also what to do in laptops if the temperature is around 70C?? laptop doesnt restart but my temperature is around 72C and i cant open up my laptop like a PC.also i have hardly any knowledge of laptop hardware.

Posted by:

21 Jan 2010

the problem could be even in restart button also.. so check it..

Posted by:

22 Jan 2010

oops,let me rephrase my message,my laptop doesnt automatically restart without my permission(yay!) but the temperature is easily over 60C after 1 hr use or sumthing,so what should i do.....the thing is i cant open a laptop just like a pc and i need help on alternatives/step be step method to open and clean laptops.

Posted by:

24 Jan 2010

Thank you so much Bob! A thousand thanks. I cleaned out my computer a little and the temp dropped 15c. I didn't realize how dirty it was in there and would cause such an overheating problem. You are the man!

Posted by:

26 Jan 2010

my computer restarts when i try to run a antivirus scan…i tried downloading other antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware but the computer restarts immediatly without giving a chance to download them…i recently downloaded combofix but that did very little…what i mean by that is because the computer restart when i run combofix…i have no trouble downloading other stuff beside the antiviruses

Posted by:

Martin Apostolovski
01 Feb 2010

Hi i have been facing Pc self restarts for almost a week now and i tried formatting and reinstalling windows but it didn't helped the restarts occurs mostly whenever i try playing Warcraft and other games sometimes when browsing the internet but when browsing its rare after i formatted my pc it was fine for few hours after that i got restarted and the blue screen of death and each time the screen poped out the message was different the last time it was something like this System/System32/Windows/Software (i think) what should i do?

Posted by:

01 Feb 2010

Hi my pc got self restart few days from now every time i play a game i formatted reinstalled windows none of that helped downloaded speedfan temperature is fine dunno what to do plz help

Posted by:

01 Feb 2010

hi guys...
plz help me..
my pc restart often..
i have checked my ram n hard disk cables..
all thing are working very well..
but my problem still not solve...

Posted by:

18 Feb 2010

hi i use a WIN XP PRO on my cmptr. recently i had the problem of frequent restarting of my cmptr. i after many trials found it was due to the analogue clock in the GOOGLE GADGETS.anyways u can all benifit by this ttbit of info. thanx. thats a gr8 post.

Posted by:

22 Feb 2010

Hello everyone

I downloaded some documents for my exam and double-clicked to run one of them to open but suddenly windows shut down and start to restart itself and it happens everytime when I try as well as i tried to turn on computer in safe mode but it s not working...Is there anyone who is familiar with this problem?

Posted by:

27 Feb 2010

Hi, my computer restarts after few mins when i connect to the internet connection (broadband)
But computer works fine when i use it without internet connection. I have disable the option automatically restart in the starup and recovery option. But still facing the same problems.
Any suggestions and resolutions are appreciated.
My ISP even doesnt know how to fix it.

Posted by:

13 Mar 2010

My computer has been facing this restarting problem for a few weeks now and nothing seems to be solving the problem. I tried formatting and reinstalling windows, and even tried linux but it gets stuck on installion then just freezes and beeps, i've got a 450watt atx psu so i doubt it will be the powersupply. My computer starts perfectly in safe mode but i can't stay in safe mode forever, what would anyone recommend i do?

Posted by:

16 Mar 2010

Hai Friends
plz help me..
my pc restart often..
i have checked my ram n hard disk cables..
all thing are working very well..
but my problem still not solve I have disable the option automatically restart in the starup and recovery option. But still facing the same problems.
Any suggestions and resolutions are appreciated

Posted by:

Sathish kumar.m
27 Mar 2010

Thank you very much:) i have recovered from problem on my computer. I felt pc get restarts on seeing you post i have removed my antivirus now i think the problem is solved

Posted by:

29 Mar 2010

Hi guys :)
I recently reinstalled my windows XP. However, my pc started restarting it self randomly. I noticed that my PC loses internet connectivity and then after about 30 seconds restarts. Windows notified it as "The Blue Screen Error", however I don't get the blue screen. Any Suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

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