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Posted by:

03 Sep 2008

Hey Bob, my notebook Has a problem, i tried others sources and nothing. The problem code is happening in my notebook Vaio model VGN-B100B:

BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : 02F25000 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000000 BCP4 : 02F25000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0

Could you help me? Thank you very much.

EDITOR'S NOTE: From what I've read, this is usually caused by failing RAM (memory stick), or overheating.

Posted by:

11 Sep 2008

Hey bob,i play alot of games and most games don't restart but when i play games like wow i can play for like upto 3 hours then for no reason it will freeze up and restarts itself and another game i have just installed summer athletics i play that at 10-15 minutes at the most and that will do the same but alot shorter than wow i have latest drivers etc most of other games i play like need for speed underground 2 and most wanted no problems at all never have restarted once i even have formatted and still the same for games like wow, summer athletics and fear so i don't really understand : / my specs are amd 64 3500+ 2 gig of ram and a nvidia geforce 8400 gs i recently just bought the new gfx card thinking it was to do with my other one which was a nvidia geforce 6600 but no suprise still doing it so if you could help me out would be great thanks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Most likely it's an overheating issue. Have you tried any of the suggested remedies?

Posted by:

Jim Hall
04 Oct 2008

Hi Bob, I have been having a restart problem for some time, i.e. random restarts and the computer has been back and forward to the shop where I bought it to no avail. They even re-installed Windows XP. I installed an extra GB of Ram from the same shop some time ago myself. After following your advice on your website I removed the new RAM chip and after a week I have had no further random re-starts. Many thanks for your advice, hopefully my hair will now start to re-grow. I think I will recommend your website to the computer shop and hope they will get their act to-gether.

Posted by:

17 Oct 2008

hey, my computer has been restarting for a while now. i've done diagnostics to determine that its not overheating, its not the memory, and its not the power supply, since those were the most common problems i found online. here's the funny thing. it restarts during certain games, and the quality of the game doesn't make a difference. Warcraft 3 restarts in 10 minutes, but Crysis never restarts. when it does restart, the system doesn't log an error. any other possibilities?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Could be your video card.

Posted by:

24 Oct 2008

Ok, now I've tried to disconnect the DVD player, change it, removed both RAMs (one at a time tough), also ran Speedfan, which shows normal degrees (dont have any nr's now, but around 40-ish). The screen doent go white as described below any more, it just goes black and computer restart itself now. Still no BSOD tough, even tough I've unchecked the auto restart checkbox.

I have NOT tried to change the power supply or the graphics card tough. If I remove the graphics card, there should be a built in one that loads the graphics, am I right (as in safe mode)?

Power supply will have to wait tough, since I dont have any new one to replace it with. My own very uneducated guess is that it is the graphics card. Since the computer reboots when I use the DVD and play games. One thing that confuses me tough is that the computer reboots when I play a game named FreeCol, a Java game. Very well, if you got a hint from this, please tell me :)

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, if you remove the graphics card/adapter, there will be nothing to plug the monitor into! I agree that you should test both the graphics card and the power supply.

Posted by:

25 Oct 2008

Can the graphics card's fan's temerature give random restarts? Since there's no good way to clean it (locked into a plastic container) It hasnt been done. Thinking Ill buy some high pressure air and try to blow out some dust from the fan, to see if that helps.

If my guesses are right, the temerature of the graphics card in SpeedFan is about 50degrees C, and it is a little high according to Speedfan. temp 1 shows 33C, 2 shows 34C, 3 shows 128C, but I guess this is a non-existant fan also.

After these, there is a Fan 1 temp again, and my guess this is the graphic card's temp (approc 51C).

Posted by:

28 Oct 2008

my computer restart it self when i want to install the office program?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Is it a genuine copy of Office?

Posted by:

prasenjit das
05 Nov 2008

my computer shut down itself when i want to play a game or when i want to install windows xp by bootable cd.what should i do?please help.

EDITOR'S NOTE: So you checked for overheating conditions, flaky RAM, the power supply, and all the other things I suggested?

Posted by:

22 Nov 2008

I've been looking for answers and will definitely come back to this website!

Posted by:

03 Dec 2008

my computer always restarts during boot up, when it reaches to Windows XP screen Loading it restarts again and again. It cant reach to the desktop. what's the remedy for this one???

EDITOR'S NOTE: When did this start? Did you install any new hardware? If so, disconnect it and try again. If you can boot into Safe Mode, then try System Restore to an earlier date.

Posted by:

08 Dec 2008

Computer retstarts or says hardware stopped working **contact harware vendor**** This was after installing Zonealarm firewall - could it be related?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not likely... time to check the components one by one.

Posted by:

10 Dec 2008

Hey BOB.i really have gained many useful information from your site.

My problem that my computer restarts on its own only when i'm playing games that requires high specifications like pes2009.I have my computer for 3 years now and this problem only appeared a week ago.

My spec:intel p4 3ghz 2mb cache, 2x512mb DDRII ,gigabyte 915 mb ,geforce 6200 xfx vga card and my computer runs on windows xp.

I tested my rams and they are good.My processor is running at 82C.My hdd fittness and perfromance from speed fan are 94% and 96% respectively.My gpu temp is 52C,temp1 is -55c,temp2 is -2c,temp3 is 53c,hd0 is 39c and core temp is 48c.

This data appeared in BSOD:

***Stop:0x000000D1 (0x65684354,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xF44D1BA5)

***tcpip.sys-Address F44D1BA5 base at F44CE000,datestamp 485b8a36

Beginnig dump of physcial memory

EDITOR'S NOTE: 82C is *VERY* hot... take cover, she's gonna blow!

Posted by:

10 Dec 2008

Hey BOB.Yes,it is me again with the schoking cpu temp of 82C. My processor fan in running at 2600rpm and my cpu temperature which i attained from easy tunes-a program which is equipped with gigabyte motherboards to monitor the hardware-is shocking (93C)! The fan and the heat sink is mounted corectly on the cpu and there is no dust on it.

I have the feelings that my computer is slower than before.CAN THIS BE FROM THE CPU HIGH TEMPERATURE???? and WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM PERMANENTLY???

EDITOR'S NOTE: First, check your motherboard and CPU documentation to see what the normal temperature is. It's possible that some newer models run hotter, but that seems very high. If it's not a dust problem (did you spray around the heat sink with compressed air?) then it's probably a faulty component.

Posted by:

13 Dec 2008

Hey BOB.I know that i'm a so annoying person :D.

I have solved the problem with the cpu temperature and it didn't restart again until now.

I only bought a new heat sink paste and applied it after removing the old one which soldified on top of the processor.

I can run any game and any program now without disturbing and the cpu temperature is only 35C!!!

Anyway,I'm so glad that i have known your site and really i appreciate your help.Thanks a lot again.

Posted by:

21 Dec 2008

I;ve been doing all that thingS....but in "temperature 2" reached 64C until 65C whILE i'm watching videos or downloading...and i cleaned the heat sink...i removed it from my sure that all is cleaned..i used a old toothbrust and i removed all the dust as u mentioned...but the temperature doesn't change,,,,and also RAm..i did it...but...nothing. worthless...when i tried to reinstall ,my WINDOWS>..IT USUALLY RESTARTS WHN THE WINDOWS ARE IN SET UP....WTF HAPPENED TO MY PC??...ARE THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO SOLVE THIS "RESTARTS" PROBLEM??

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's possible your heat sink is not drawing enough heat from the CPU. Cleaning and re-applying the paste may help.

Posted by:

03 Jan 2009

paste is so expensive here!!....can i get another paste from the HEAT SINK of my classmate?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You mean scrape off the old paste and re-use it? No, I don't think that will work.

Posted by:

18 Jan 2009

my computer restarts by itself when i leave it for more or less 5 minutes. what should i do?.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Read the article and the comments, then try each of the suggestions until something works.

Posted by:

21 Jan 2009

Hi, I have one year old computer and during this period random restarts occurred about 5-6 times. What happens during one is that I can hear the fans working continuously (no interruption) but can also hear the hard disk winding down and then starting up, which is not the case if I restart purposely by pressing button. Since day one CPU runs at around 44C idle and can go up to 65C (especially lately) but I cant see relation between restarts and temperature. Hard Disk is Maxtor and works quite audible. To mention that since day one I have CPU load error every time I boot and avoid it with F1. Also, lately the computer is randomly going slow for a while and has command delays and Mozilla frequently crashes. Any advice? Thanks

Posted by:

17 Feb 2009

hi, i am having problem with my pc. the pc reboots and goes to the windows xp loading screen and then restarts the machine itself. tried swapping the RAM, disconnected the cd-rom. still it would restart. tried the recovery procedue as well. still it didnt work.

how can i resolve it without deleting everyting and doing a complete fresh installation. i do need to make copy of the hard drive...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and running some disk diagnostics?

Posted by:

21 Feb 2009

My brothers pc i built him is suffering this problem. Ive ruled out overheating...has a new CPU with Thermalright heatsink, Memory, 550w antec PSU, and HDD's and MB asrock dualsata II(old) has no noticable bad caps. Sometimes it doesnt even make it to windows...sometimes in windows for hours before reboot. In windows it will actually go through the shutdown process not just a instant powerdown.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Something is triggering the OS to shutdown... have you tried disabling the "Automatically Restart on System failure" feature?

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