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12 Feb 2011

My system starts to reboot after when all the files copied while installing the Windows XP SP3/2 when it is about 90% and then it shows NTLDR is Missing if I did once more time to install the OS it again structs in between file copying. I even tried to install Windows 2000 Professional their also after formatting of the devices it starts to reboot the system. I've 1.25 GB of RAM in which both are working fine under my friends system which of same configuration. Please let know I'm not able to complete the OS Installation.

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16 Feb 2011

thanks man , i love u ,
Don't Do Me Any Favors,
when checked , automaticaly restart box was ticked
thx so much

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17 Mar 2011 computer start

blue screen message error

and restart the computer

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18 Mar 2011

Hi, there is something wrong in my p.c. My p.c will restart again and again plz help me whats wrong in my p.c.

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28 Mar 2011

Hey thank you for this web page. i resolved this issue. Thanks AL

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27 May 2011

hello computer wont restart after i scan it...whenever i attemt to restart its my computer is very pls help me..thankz

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08 Jun 2011

I also have problem , my pc is restarting automatecally when I changed the baterry , please help me on how to solve this problem.

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02 Dec 2011

I wrote an assembly language program for Pentium III, and I used an incorrect, out of limit offset on purpose in the protected mode. I know that there is a GP exception and a triple fault but why CPU restarts and executes the whole code again?

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24 Dec 2011

I have to say thank you to Bob! I recently did a major update to my Compaq computer by installing new hardware (Hard Drive, Power Supply, and Memory). After that my computer start randomly restarting, I had forgotten to uncheck the Automatically Restart in the System failure section. My computer works perfect now!!

The Cutter

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Cathy Badajos
06 Feb 2012

same prob here. do you think it's a virus?

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Emmadoju Vikram
13 Feb 2012

hey. hai.. hello..., there,
Yes it is true that computer will restart when it is over heated. I checked this my computer also restarts but only if we play games. I have a broken screw pillar on my CPU heatsink fan. I glued it Fevikwik. Before this my CPU Heat is recorded as 87'c when we play a game it goes very high and makes system failure. After gluing my CPU heat recorded as 45'c and my system become completely stable and works better. So I suggest you to check the CPU heatsink fans and graphic cards fan whether connected firmly to the aluminium heatsink. I think this will definetly help you to get she of this problem. Thank you. If this helps please leave comment starting with my name.
-@Emmadoju Vikram

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09 Jan 2013

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11 Jun 2013

TY, I had to uncheck the automatic restart button....:-)

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03 Mar 2016

my pc is gonna restart in 2 min plz help Im just 12 and I don't no how to reset I no I hve a lot of sprlling errors but Idk pls help me I don't wanna tell my parents because my mom will yell at me

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