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Posted by:

07 Apr 2010

My pc gets automatically restarts when I am opening or performing a task in my pc and after restarting it showa the error "windows has encountered an error and need to close down"

Posted by:

23 Apr 2010

HI, i use window7. my laptop is always restart by itself around 2 hours. i can reach anything about it. plz help

Posted by:

vishal n jain
24 Apr 2010

windows 7 takes huge space and make much usage of computer which reduces computer life so better install xp

EDITOR'S NOTE: Interesting... I found that Win7 ran much better than XP on my 5-year-old laptop.

Posted by:

Suraj Mathew
30 May 2010

Hi sir,thanks for he answers. i am trying all that. I think these can help me. Thanks a lot.

Posted by:

30 May 2010

Your Windows 7 restart every two hours is more than likely due to you using a beta version of Windows 7.

Posted by:

01 Jul 2010

Hi mi computer doesn't want to run windows and it just restarts itself can you help me thanks.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2010

Hello Friends

i have a problem,one of my computers restarts automatically like 2 times a day, and the other computer which ever windows xp i put gets corrupted in 3 days. any help..????

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yup, lots of it! Read this article and the 200+ comments that readers have posted.

Posted by:

12 Sep 2010

My pc when switched on it starts after a while it reboots or restarts.plz, solve

Posted by:

17 Sep 2010

Hi, I recently downloaded a antivirus from the net. And then my pc started restarting then after I think less than 30 seconds it restarts again. Before it shows control panel it restarts again.. Can you help me please...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can I help? Not without some specifics. What anti-virus program did you download? Are you sure you downloaded from a trustworthy source?

Posted by:

Gaurav Gupta
05 Oct 2010

Hi , My system restarts automatically sometimes,this sometime can be an hour,a day,a week or a month.

This is happening from past two months wherein I got my PS changed some 3 months back,I dont know what's wrong?

Please suggest!

EDITOR'S NOTE: If it started happening after you changed the power supply, my guess would be that's the problem.

Posted by:

06 Oct 2010

My computer just started this problem last night.
I disabled the auto-restart after reading about it, but when browsing, the computer still did a restart. I'm at a loss why.
Far as I know, overheating isn't an issue, since it just started this recently. And I made sure I did a cleaning.
I have Windows XP.

Posted by:

Llen Labuscagne
11 Oct 2010

I have experienced my computer restarting continuously as from today. I tap F8 to try and get into safe mode with no luck.

I installed AVG yesterday as I did not have a antivirus for quite some time. Numerous viruses were removed and I believed everything will be fine. I started the computer this morning, it would start up, go to my password which I then enter. It will display my desktop and then, when click on a program, will restart. It does not go into any program, nor does the start button have any positive results.

Once it restarts it seems as if there is a blue flash with some kind of error message but it restart immediately again. After leaving it for some time it just keeps on restarting continuously. Any advice?

Posted by:

11 Oct 2010

my computer restarts randomly, even while in BIOS. I've tried all the troubleshooting tricks, even a system recovery so far nothing works. Is this a power supply problem?

EDITORS NOTE: You won't know until you swap out the power supply. If that doesn't do it, you'll have to try the RAM, and then the motherboard. It's frustrating, for sure.

Posted by:

16 Oct 2010

I've replaced the motherboard as it was the last option, tried different power supplies/RAMs but still the same. After replacing the motherboard, it worked fine for a few minutes, reformatted/reinstalled a new OS, then the restarting problem happened again. Could it be caused by my processor? or the thermal paste perhaps? thanks for the help!

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's very frustrating, I know, but ANY of those things could be the culprit.

Posted by:

21 Oct 2010

my com restarts one time in a day and after his restart says disk boot failure please insert the disk ....i dont no what is this...after 5 minutes i run the com and everything is fine......

Posted by:

27 Nov 2010

Hello, My computer restarts by itself here and there, sometimes it will go through a whole day with out a single restart. Sometimes every 2 minutes, What is wrong with my PC!

Posted by:

25 Dec 2010

hello, sir i have a windows xp newly installed. I am using net with connection of mobile.but when i'm download any file from net, its automatically restart. I have no antivirus .what can i do . Please help me.

Posted by:

regin out
26 Dec 2010

here is a good overview of this problem;,-Solve-This-Problem-Here&id=5585712

Posted by:

ashwani barola
31 Dec 2010

this is such useful pc is restart again and again but after reading this stuff i got lot of knowledge and follow the steps as you mentioned above and this problem is go away..really thanks

Posted by:

31 Dec 2010

i have so big problem with my restart itself .......wat i needed to do also i dont now ....i now this problem no because temperature.....but it come from other way.....if some can help me pls no 058051197..................................pls help me .............pls.pls......pls..........pls...pls........

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