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Posted by:

Nick Jackson
03 Jun 2007

My PC restarts when a dvd burn is complete or if I leave a disk in the drive on start up. I disabled the auto restart and now get the error screen and have to restart manually. I have two drives and tried removing the slave drive and still the fault occurs. PC 2ghz, 2x512 ram. any idea on the cause of this fault.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would disconnect all CDROM drives and reboot, to make sure that's the problem. If so, replace the drive.

Posted by:

04 Jun 2007

My computer also restarts itself after being on for 30 mins or so. I believed its over heating but all my fans are working. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Please read ALL the comments above...

Posted by:

05 Jun 2007

Hi, I have a freinds computer it restarts automatically. or hangs up during installation of XP. i installed win98 it worked out perfect but when my computer boots up and goes to desktop it hangs. and further ahead installation of XP restarts it. i have tired changing RAM, HARD DISK, REMOVING FLOPPY, REMOVING CD ROM. But nothing works it still stays the same. Could you please tell me weather it is motherboard or Power supply. i have to buy one of them. I also cleaned the heat sink of CPU. i checked the temperature in bios 3-4 times and it is 45-46 and stays stable. i cannot understand because this is very very strange for me. please help me out.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not likely that it's a power supply issue if the system hangs. Motherboard is possible, but seems unlikely.

Posted by:

06 Jun 2007

Hi, my computer keeps restarting whenever it tries to access a disk in the dvd burner. I have tried speedfan but my cpu is only 20C. I've tried buying a new different brand dvd burner but i still have the same problem. I've tried removing memory and swapping memory slots. I've also tried updating the firmware for my dvd burners and my motherboard & graphics drivers. even tried using an older graphics card, but nothing seems to work. Even the turning off the automatic restart in the system failure settings don't seem to stop it restarting. The thing is though, i also have a plain dvd rom and that can access discs fine but my dvd burners seem to keep forcing a restart. I have even tried swapping the master/slave settings and removing my old dvd rom but still crashes. never had the BSOD though. Desperately open to any suggestions you could offer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like you've done a pretty good job of trying to isolate the problem. My guess is that software is to blame. Have you searched for a newer driver for the DVD drive? Do you run any antivirus? Maybe try a Windows repair -- see

Posted by:

07 Jun 2007

ah -hi, i wrote a comment yesterday about my computer crashing whenever it tries to access a disc in the dvd burner. well today i bought a new power supply and that seems to have fixed the problem. thanks anyway.

Posted by:

09 Jun 2007

I ahd the similar prob and then finally my pc stopped working and i got to know tht there were some corrupted i had to install a new hard drive but now anytime i want to download antivirus it opens in the page of CNET.COM and after downloading for few mins i get message tht its not safe to download and it stops..i dnt know wht to me out

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like you have a firewall or other security software that's being overly "helpful." Or possibly a virus that doesn't want you to download anti-virus. What program are you trying to download?

Posted by:

kurt campbell
22 Jun 2007

Every time i put this game spell force 2 - shadow wars, the video jumps a little and then my fan is making louder noise and cuts out the starts again and the computer just restarts itself after a few minutes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like overheating. I would replace that fan (or power supply).

Posted by:

28 Jun 2007

My computer has started to behave odd over the last few days. I have speed fan installed and it says my processor is between 44-51 C. My video-card is an nvidia 8800 and it runs at about 70 C after the computer has been on for a while. I started to experience reboots after playing The Lord of The Rings online. I have played it without problems for over a month, and now it crashes. After it crashes the computer soon reboots by itself. When I start it up again it will crash randomly, like when I try to scan for viruses or spyware. Its a new computer with good parts I bought recently and it has worked fine untill now. Please help.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As I've mewntioned in earlier comments, there are a lot of possible reasons. You'll need to check each component (power supply, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, etc.) for possible overheating and malfunction.

Posted by:

matt k
29 Jun 2007

Hey I just installed a new video card on a computer with an intgrated graphics card and everything was going fine but now the computer is restarting its self all the time, I got up to date drivers for the video card.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Replace the card and see if the restarts go away...

Posted by:

01 Jul 2007

SERIOUS PROBLEM. Every time that I download a program or a file from the internet, my computer restarts. I have already done a system recovery. I have also scanned with spybot S&D. I cannot download a free antivirus program, due to the problem itself. It is a brand new alienware area 51. With high tech fans and stuff like that. idk what to do but i need to download files for the games that I play. Please Help me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're using Firefox, try IE7 for the download.

Posted by:

02 Jul 2007

FOUND SOMETHING TO FIX THE PROBLEM! I noticed that i couldnt download....etc. because my computer would restart. well i went to google and found a free online scan. with no downloading necessary. its called Trend Micro house call. it worked on my computer. I had multiple infections, which are all now gone. Thanks for your help Bob!

Posted by:

03 Jul 2007

My PC also restarts after 30-60 seconds of being rebooted. Like Charly I had 2 PCs networked in my household with the same copy of XP. Having lots of spare parts I was able to replace everything in the PC. As soon as I accessed the Internet the problem started again. I proceeded to buy a new copy of XP and this did not help. Unfortunately, Microsoft XP, during activation, looks at every component in you PC and records serial numbers of those parts. If they suspect that you've used the same copy of XP on multiple PCs they may very well have a diagnostic that targets a particular system file to force a reboot. For those of you who experience reboots only when "plugged-in" to the internet, try uplugging the ethernet cable, reboot and see if the problem goes away. If it does, there's a good chance that you've acquired a virus or Microsoft is punishing you for using the same copy of XP multiple times.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Virus, maybe. Microsoft punishment, no.

Posted by:

12 Jul 2007

I'm having the same problem but mine is, whenever you run/open/execute a program it automatically restarts. But if you leave it on standby, it stays on. I've already scanned and deleted all possible viruses, check the RAM, battery, etc. Also the CPU fan speed is ok i've checked it thru the bios settings, yet i cannot install speedfan, because everytime i run the installer it restarts. I can't even use safemode, it restarts too.What could be the problem?

Posted by:

16 Jul 2007

I'm having a problem again where the computer monitor will shut off anywhere from 1 second to 5 minutes while playing ANY game. Following the monitor shutdown the pc restarts. No BSOD comes up. I can still hear the game music in the background before the restart. Half the time after the restart my resolution has gone back to 800x600.

Whats confusing here is I had this problem a few months back and it went away for about a month and now is back at it again. Aside from that everything else still works on the computer, web browsing windows media player music and etc.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My guess is that the monitor is not at fault. The computer is getting a shutdown signal, and the monitor is responding a little quicker than the rest of the system.

Posted by:

Irfan Ahmed
29 Jul 2007

my compter restarts and i am running windows xp sp2 it restarts randomlty and it is not over heating when i got a hardware upgrade a few months ago. it has been doing this after then i got a new ram put in and a new hard drive and video card. Do you think it is the ram?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The only way to know for sure is to remove one component at a time and see if the problem remains.

Posted by:

30 Jul 2007

Hello I just built my new rig, q6600, 1 gb ram, x1950pro, and whenever i play counter strike source for 1 hour or so, the computer restarts. I checked the CPU temperature and its 32C (Dont believe that though because when I Start my PC up and go to BIOS it says 55 C, and thats on startup!). I have tried another stick of ram and it worked fine. What could be the problem?

Posted by:

01 Aug 2007

Starting yestaurday, my computer has been constantly restarting at random times. sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes 3 hours. I've kept my comp in good condition for the past 4 years, and the last time i replaced anything was 6 months ago and that was a new graphics card. Now all of a sudden my comp decides to go on a shutdown spree. I disabled automatic restart, and now BSOD pops up with some information on some device and what not ill post it next.

Posted by:

02 Aug 2007

my computer says Temp1-3 at 127C and then HD at 42c and another temp 1 at 40C. it makes no sense

Posted by:

05 Aug 2007

Hi Bob,my PC is Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.6GHZ, 512MB of RAM and using Windows XP. It has been restarting itself especially during 1st 10min interval. Sometimes, when it restart or I switch on, the PC gets "stuck" and fail to continue, eg "peep", "peep".

I pressed the reset button a number of times, and luckily, it is able to restart with warning 1st message: "The PC has to check the hard disk for consistency".. so I let it check OR 2nd message: "DRAM timing is too tight, need to change the CMOS setting"... so I go to CMOS setting and set it to default. I had speedfan and temperature is not the problem here. Please help.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like the RAM is acting up when you power on. I leave my computers turned on 24/7, give that a try, or replace the RAM.

Posted by:

05 Aug 2007

Hello I just bought a refurbished pc from hp and as soon as i got it. it started throwing up stop errors some are 0x00000008 some are 0x0000000a some are alot differnt it also restarts it self when i put a strain on the system like when i tried to instal a game i put the disc in the cd tray and as soon as i hit install it will restart it self help please,

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since you just bought it from HP, why not ask them to replace it with one that works? Sounds like you have bad RAM.

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