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Posted by:

18 Oct 2007

Thanks for addressing this issue & updating the article in such a timely fashion. I guess that's one reason why your site & newsletter are among the best computer help resources anywhere - I've enjoyed them both for years.

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23 Oct 2007

My problem is different: when I shut down the computer, it restarts itself. To completely turn it off, I need to catch it when it does the first beep at boot-up and hold the power button in until it turns itself off. I have been all over the settings in Win XP and the CMOS but can not find where this restart thing is specified.

Posted by:

27 Oct 2007

Hi my toshiba laptop shuts doen by itself sometimes and restarts automatically. I have the error below. It seems that when take the power out it works normally.


BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : 02F25000 BCP2 : 00000002 BCP3 : 00000000

BCP4 : 02F25000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1

Posted by:

06 Nov 2007

As the rest of these folks my comp. restarts itself also. It has been doing it for around a month or 2. I have completly reformatted the computer complete wipe of the hard drive brand new win xp installed. So im pretty sure it's not software problems. I went and bought a brand new gig stick of ram to replace the old one so i don't think thats the problem. I have done the do not restart my system function. I have a Speed fan test and a DTemp program all of the speeds and temperatures are green checked. It has never given me a blue screen just automatically restarts. it mainly does it when i go to play WOW Conquer Online or Diablo 2. But it still does it when i go to watch a Video and sometimes when im just chatting on aim. I was thinking on trying a new power supply since it's cheap but if you think it is probally something else instead of the power supply i would love to hear it. Thanks for your help.

Posted by:

12 Nov 2007

My comp is rebooting on its own after every 10-45 minutes WITHOUT the blue screen of death....It happens both on windows xp and 98 [i have dual boot] but it will doesnt happen on MS DOS Mode on windows 98....Plz help

EDITOR'S NOTE: What have you tried to diagnose the problem? There any many helpful suggestions above.

Posted by:

07 Dec 2007

Hi, I've recently upgraded from 1 gig/1 stick single channel ddr2-533 to 2gig/2sticks dual channel ddr2-800 on a motherboard with dual channel ddr2-533. Now my computer restarts while running application that require heavy cpu usage (Usually hash-checking on a bittorrent client). I've noticed that my cpu temperature is high just before it restarts. After every subsequent boot-up, the automatic restart happens at shorter and short intervals even when no heavy applications are running.

I've run a standard memory diagnostic on the new sticks and it turned up nothing. I have yet to find time to run a full diagnostic and neither have I tested each stick individually (I assumed, before reading this article, that both were fine because of the diagnostic).

My question is this: Is it possible that upgrading to 2 gigs and 2 sticks is causing my cpu to overheat? My 3 ghz pentium D also seems to be naturally hot, running at just under 60 degrees when idle.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's going to be hard to diagnose. Can you run with just ONE of the new RAM sticks?

Posted by:

11 Dec 2007

i have the same problem do i have to download the thing that says speed fan . if i do how do you do it?????

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, you don't have to. It's just a diagnostic tool. Click the Speedfan link for more info on it.

Posted by:

13 Dec 2007

I tryed to download world of warcraft the game and when i download it (it dosent complete the download)it restarts and i used every browser firefox at&t internet explorer need help

Posted by:

24 Dec 2007

When I open the image or video files, the system will automatically restartig...

Posted by:

10 Jan 2008

I also had random restarts, it turned out that problem was caused by bad capacitors in power supply unit. It's replaced now and system seems to be stable.

Posted by:

25 Jan 2008

I only seem to get restarts when I use ANY kind of media player. First I thought it was that microsoft junk, since it really abuses the system for it`s useless graphics interface.

but winamp, vlc, anything that displays videofiles seems to just reboot. not on all files, can`t really tell what file causes reboots.

Something`s definately not right in the system`s multimedia handling. either that or audio/video codecs are F*-ing up the system.

Posted by:

27 Jan 2008

my pc restart itself while run the windoe media player or any other player please help me. this problem occur from last two days. i m very vary about my pc

Posted by:

02 Feb 2008

My computer is shutting and restarting just after play the ROM specifications and then starts 30 reverse counting.

Posted by:

09 Feb 2008

My computer restarts everytime i download somthing from internet.WHAT IS THIS?

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's addressed in the article and comments...

Posted by:

Andrew Kpobi
11 Feb 2008

my motherboard boots itself when power is is fed to it. it boots without you pressing the power button. the processor fan also comes on by itself. please may you tell me what's up?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe the power button is stuck in the ON position, or the connector on the board is shorted.

Posted by:

21 Feb 2008

Try'd all the above and it still restarts randomly what now?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Start replacing components, one by one, or live with it.

Posted by:

23 Feb 2008

My PC reboots every time i play the MMORPG RuneScape..Help please!

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Doctor, it hurts when I..." I think we've addressed the possible causes in the article and subsequent comments. You just have to try all the options.

Posted by:

24 Feb 2008

please help!! my computer reboots every time i finish a game and it's closed. what do you think is wrong?? thanks

Posted by:

26 Feb 2008

Replaces as much as i can atm still restarts. but for somereason it never restarts when i leave it and watch tv or when it sitting in bios

Posted by:

26 Feb 2008

My PC restart itself without any kind of message of information. some time computer is not shown any power again it's open well. sudden it's restart. Anybody can help?

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