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05 Mar 2007

My computer has been working fine and after an ordinary night it seemed to become infected by a various. My computer boots up to the black safemode option screen. From there it begins to load windows and shuts off and restarts. I have no idea how to fix this nightmare. It wont even read my reboot cds. Please help guru of the computer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you try booting into Safe Mode? If you can, run System Restore from Safe Mode. If you can't, check here for more help:

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07 Mar 2007

Is happening the same thing to me! Every time I try to open the Apple - QuickTime and try to see a movie with the PowerDVD or other than Windows Media Player the system reboots it self. I tried to download the latest drivers for my motherboard (MS-6741 VER:1) and for my graphics Card(Radeon 9200 256Mb DDR TVO) but is difficult to find them! The pc is approximately 3 years old.Where could I find them? And why my system reboots? Thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would focus on the RAM before going further...

Posted by:

08 Mar 2007

My computer restarts after minute or two into Windows. And the process of this random reboot gets faster and faster each reboot. I did uncheck that "automatic reboot". It doesn't just randomly reboot itself, but shows me the blue screen. This is not due to overheating since I can be out all day, come home turn my computer on, and it'd repeat the same thing. This happens quite frequent to me since I have reformatted my computer more than 3 times due to the same problem. And it comes back every now and then. My OS is windows XP SP2. Can you give me any clues?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you try swapping out the RAM?

Posted by:

15 Mar 2007

my pc keeps on restarting while playing any game? what do u think is the problem? i hope you can help me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like you didn't read the article above...

Posted by:

16 Mar 2007

Just wanted to let you know that today I got rid of the "ghost" rebooting a 3 year old PC...first 2 minutes, after 2 hours, whenever. I downloaded Speed Fan program and after installation WOW!! CPU would start off from getgo over 65C...with case open. Fooled around with some settings and got it down to @ 55-60C. The PC was tossed by a relative after the PC tech told him he couldn't fix the inoperative built in graphics card. Short story: I took out PS as it blocked my view of CPU fan. Guess what? The CPU fan clamp was open on one side! Closed it and reinstalled PS and fired up. 45C. Started Corel Draw. Temp went to 50C. Has been on for 6 hours and is working great with 45-51 temp range...with case back on.

Folks, had 2 techs tell me to reformat. Suggest you follow Bob's suggestions on checking hardware first.

Posted by:

Arun kumar
17 Mar 2007

Respected sir, My Computer restarting after boot window and restart agatin, and again so please tell what is problem in my PC.


Posted by:

Knowledge Ninja
28 Mar 2007

I Have only been using my new computer for 2 days and its oready restarting itself about 5 minutes after i start it up.Then afterwards it says my computer has just recovered from a system error and restarts again shortly after. help me please

EDITOR'S NOTE: Virus? Spyware? Overheating? Did you check any of those things?

Posted by:

03 Apr 2007

My computer restarts itself everytime i get to 1% of anything im trying to download off the internet. Tried all the suggested things that could fix this and none have worked. help me please.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe your hard drive is (near) full, or damaged in a certain sector. I would delete unneeded files and then run a CHKDISK and DEFRAG.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2007

I have a few Biostar motherboards installed on various pcs and all of them restarts by themselves,sometimes its during a game or just on its own.....PLZ Help

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't suppose you've checked out the RAM, or tried SpeedFan, or ...?

Posted by:

Abdul Rouf
18 Apr 2007

when i run CMD Command my PC restarts. please can any one help me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you mean CMD.EXE (the DOS shell)? What have you done so far to eliminate possible causes?

Posted by:

Juan Venter
26 Apr 2007

Hi, please i need your help! AS soon as i start playing a game my pc goes almost like into a crash, it sounds like its getting stuck and then out of the box i hear a sound like a "beep", then it restarts! The same thing happens when my screen saver(marine aquarium 2.6) goes on!! I've checked my temp and also added an exstra fan?? Updated my drivers too.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bad RAM stick, balky power supply, motherboard defect? Unfortunately there are lots of things to check out.

Posted by:

28 Apr 2007

i have the same problem. tried the ram, it didnt work. tried to update my video drivers, (pc restarted few times) and then i was finally able to put new video drivers on my pc.

each time i put a cd in, or playing a game it restarts. could it be my cd driver?

Posted by:

01 May 2007

When I run SpeedFan, I saw "remote 1", "remote 2" on the "Readings" tab along with "Core", "HD2", etc. What is "Remote 2"? Its temperature is 122C! Is it normal?

Posted by:

02 May 2007

My Computer's power supply heats up and my computer restarts! im pretty sure its a problem with the power supply. if i change it is it going to have the same problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're pretty sure it's the power supply, then replace it. The cost is low and it's pretty easy to do.

Posted by:

03 May 2007

i've download the speedfan before and the temperature in my CPU is fine its not burning or anything. i've checked the connections inside and its alright, then i try to reboot(/reformat) my pc and it still restarts by itself

Posted by:

06 May 2007

I have a P4 3.4 GHz .. using this Speedfan it says that my CPU is 63 Celsius (and im not doing anything!!! except running speedfan and internet explorer). Now my problem is that the computer reboots whenever I play a game(I dont get any error message, and I have unchecked "Automaticall reboot"), it doesnt matter what game it is... it'll reboot if I play tetris or Oblivion... Whats the problem? I've cleaned it from Dust... i've got my self a new PSU, I've put in 3 new fans ... huuuh, could it be this CPU thing??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, that's way too hot. You may need a new heatsink or CPU fan.

Posted by:

14 May 2007

The same happens to me when i double click on a game it will restart some of the games i have are need for speed most wanted,tiger woods PGA tour 2004 these games allways restarted and im not sure how to fix it.please help me.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nobody can help you unless you mention which of the troubleshooting steps you've already tried. Oh, and a little punctuation might help...

Posted by:

18 May 2007

when i start >run > type cmd

after command prompt start my pc will automatically restarted.

what i have to do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Could be a virus, trying to keep you away from the command line, so you can't remove the virus. Try a good anti-virus scanner first.

Posted by:

25 May 2007

Me again, i still have the same prob, my pc use to restart when i play any game but now it only crashes(freezes). Took it to a shop and they could'nt get the prob, took it to another shop and they said i had a bad ram so they took the ram out but the problem is still here!! My temp is good, can it be my motherboard(intel DG965SS), how can i tell??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Unfortunately there are many things that can cause it -- hard drive, power supply, motherboard, ram... it's a process of elimination.

Posted by:

Rob Swift
31 May 2007

I've been fixing and repairing computers since I was a little guppy, and have never seen this problem before. I disabled automatic restart, reinstalled all drivers, re-flashed the BIOS, double and triple checked CMOS settings, went through the services list and disabled anything that wasn't essential, uninstallation was not an issue because this is a server that has only the base system installed. It's running Windows Server 2003 R2. These are the specs: 2x P4 HT 3.0ghz Checked out with Prime 95), 1GB DDR400 (memtest86 checked out), 2x 36GB Seagate 10,000rpm hard drives (checked out with HD Tach), I installed Server on the 24th it ran fine that day and that Friday, over the weekend I leave it on, and when I got in on Monday it was off. I turned it on and in about 2 hours it restarted. Experience told me, things like that don't just happen. So I ran through my list of benchmarks and diagnostics, and it still restarts, I scanned it for viruses with ClamWin, and it came up clean (of course, its only like 5 days old). I ran Everest Corporate Today and the temps checked out at 100F on the cpu. IMO that's a little hot for a server so I might try speedfan. Does it control fan speed? Everything else in everest checks out as normal, but It still restarts religiously on to the point where we know to stop all work and save before the server goes down. I'm afraid I could lose my job over this. Tomorrow morning I'm going to do a system restore to the day it was installed and hopefully that fixes it. If not, I'm replacing fans. I'm guessing since it started after upgrading to server which supports the 32 computers now instead of the 10 limit on XP, the server is getting bogged down and overheating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I hope that's not 100 Celsius! If so, you're lucky it didn't melt into a pool of silicon.

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