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22 Aug 2006

Very good example of sleuthing by comparison. The built in Windows registry FIND is cumbersome. Perhaps you could reference other software that searches the registry and gives a complete summary of all mentions of search term. The old jv16 registry tools did that.

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22 Aug 2006

I think that your solution is a good one but a simpler method especially for people less rill to risk hurting the rgistry might be, go to run type services.msc and go down to rpc and switch it on to automatic and start it up.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That wouldn't work (tried it). Because those reg keys were missing, RPC didn't even show up in the list.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2006


I'm having a similar problem as described in RPC Server Unavailable, only it lies with my printspooler. Somehow, after using a spyware checker to remove a problem trojan, my printspooler became hosed up and nothing I do seems to help. I can't print, add or delete printers. The error message says the spooler is turned off but when I look in the running services the spooler is running. I can start and stop the spooler but this has no effect on printing. When I try to print, the system says the spooler is not working. But when I go to services, it says the spoolerr is on. Doesn't matter whether I change the spooler to automatic or manual, same thing happens. I have searched thru every article regarding the WinXP printspooler on the MS Knowledgebase along with numerous internet searches. I've tried patches and fixes and nothing works. Ny next step is to reinstall the OS (heavens forbid!). Do you think exporting the registry settings from a system that works and importing into the broken system might work? Otherwise, I'm all out of ideas.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A registry export/import might work, but I would only do specific keys that deal with the spooler. Even so, that's a bit like brain surgery in the dark. You can re-install Windows without loosing your personal files, so that may be a better option.

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23 Aug 2006

I wish you had posted this, oh, six months ago. I took my desktop to a friend's house to update/finish installing Half-Life2; hooked up to his home network BEFORE firing up the machine, and that was all she wrote: wouldn't run more than 60 seconds before shutting itself down. I tried the RPC service activation as well, and had the same problems you found. I never was able to figure it out, and ended up yanking the old HD and installing a new one (had data I didn't want to lose on the old one). And none of my "computer-savvy" friends could offer any help, either.

Either way, good information, I hope I never have to use it! ;-)

Posted by:

John W W
26 Aug 2006

In essence, I know nothing about computers [sure, a dabble] but I have good-to-great confidence in my ability to determine if I am being led around blindfolded by some one who knows their subject they are introducing to me, or someone who HAS to look good. I followed you wonderfully well: indeed, ignorance IS bliss, when it introduces me to a Great teacher. Thank you, John W W.

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09 Nov 2006

horqua... I just had a customer come in with a similar problem. The print spooler and RPCSS were reading as not working. Both were enabled and the latter was started. The issue turned out to be the printer's fault. The printer was a Lexmark, and the Lexmark printer server sevice was disabled in services. This prevented the spooler from working, which depends on the print server and the RPCSS. Enabling the print server service immediately resolved the entire issue.

Posted by:

George C. Sievers
12 Nov 2006

My son thanks you very much for the help. Somehow he used XRAY-PC to hose the RPCSS entry in his registry which caused all kinds of problems. One point tho.

You recommend creating a restore point before messing with the registry. That won't work without RPC running (I think). I know my son could not do a system restore without RPC services running.

Posted by:

28 Nov 2006

disco! Worked like a champ. thanks for the tip.

Posted by:

09 Dec 2006

Isn't the best way to backup the registry to click on My Computer on the list go to file > export, type a name and select the white circle next to All? That's the way I always back up the registry.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, that will work fine. But you have to start the REGEDIT program first.

Posted by:

31 Jan 2007

Thanks for the help, loading a new install of Media Center and when trying to run the CDs for tuner card and wireless card kept getting can't launch installer, RPC Server not found. Tried exporting the RpcSs from a working machine and it shows in the regedit, but still same problem when running the ATI installer. Any other thoughts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you reboot? Does RPC Server show up in the Services list?

Posted by:

02 Feb 2007

On the media center install, yes, did reboot and the RPC shows up in the services list with the same files that came from the good machine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: There should be two RPC entries in the SERVICES.MSC list. They should be: RPC (Started, Automatic) and RPC Locator (Manual).

Posted by:

02 Mar 2007

Thankx Bob.. You saved my JOB and my Tail. It really help. I took it a step further, and copies few other non working services's registry keys from one server to another. Rebooted the server and it started to work. Thank you.

Posted by:

29 Mar 2007

This is as good a place as any.... I'm getting a couple of "RPC Server Is Unavailable" errors on multiple computers doing various things. Just for reference I am a tech at a fairly large corporation.

For example one computer got that error (RPC server is unavilable) in citrix when attempting to connect to an instance in DLx. Another computer gets it when in Application Enabler (Hyland Software) when attempting to pull up a report from Lawson. I personally have seen the error when attempting to run psloggedon (sysinternals tool to see who is logged in to a workstation).

On all of the workstations the RPC service (not locater) is started and apparently working properly. I know this error is known to happen during LDAP authentication and user authentication (and other various situations dealing with domain controllers and trusted domains). I ran a netdiag on my system and all tests passed but I did notice SPF *WARNINGS* (Not failures) on all of our domain controllers.

Just curious if you happen to know what might be causing these issues. I saw the first one of these errors about 2 weeks ago for the first time, and since have seen maybe 5 or 6 of them in various applications on different systems. Keep in mind we have roughly 1500 workstations here, so it is far from company-wide, but it is happening in multiple locations that should be communicating with different domain controllers. Thanks in advance.

Posted by:

30 Mar 2007

I have the exact same problem. So how do I get the RpcSs registry key?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You have to search in REGEDIT, then Export it.

Posted by:

04 Apr 2007

I had my laptop crash and took it to a computer center and got it back somewhat fine, spyware was removed and I think in the process my lexmark printer was disabled/removed (Long story short). Ive tried everything with downloading new drivers and re-installing (although my installation disk is back at home and not accessible til the weekend).

I attemped importing the key from another registry to mine, re-booted and still no luck. I have hassles with the RPC Server (which stops the installation of my printer after new hardware is detected, wont allow it to complete) and the print spooler server is not running which stops me from adding a printer, or viewing properties. any ideas? any would be greatly appreciated

EDITOR'S NOTE: Why do you think the RPC Server is the problem?

Posted by:

29 Apr 2007

Thanks but it did not work for me. I made the registries the same on the working and non-working machines as described but the Rpc unavailable message is still there. By the way, the rpcss is set to start in permissions.

Posted by:

30 Apr 2007

I got this ‘RPC Server Unavailable’ error when I try to start IIS at my local computer. I checked the Administrative Tools/Service and found ‘Remote Procedure Call’ service was started automatically. But All function button was graded so I can not stop or restart or do anything with it. I jsut restored the whole C drive from a backup file when this error happened. But so far, other software are working fine. I also found out RPCss in my registry and in Windows/system32 folder. Any suggestion to make IIS recognizing this RPC?

Posted by:

04 May 2007

i get the same error message but mine is more narrowed down...If i try printing through ITSM which is basically a CRM application it throws the 'RPC server unavailable' yet if i try printing outside the app everything works fine...any ideas?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would contact the tech support for ITSM... sounds like a bug in that software.

Posted by:

09 May 2007

please help me i'm so stuck! recently my uncle went on my computer and did many scans on spyware software and anti virus software, ever since then my printer suddenly does not want to work and it says no printer is installed. now when i try to install the printer software it doesnt let me and says the RPC server is unavailable. i'm really stuck and dont know what to do please can you tell me how to fix this problem as i really need to use my printer! any solution would be much appreciated thank you.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like your uncle ripped out some good with the bad. I would recommend that you do a System Restore (see http://askbobrankin.com/system_restore.html) and then follow these instructions to clean up viruses and spyware: http://www.askbobrankin.com/should_i_buy_antispyware_or_antivirus_software.html

Posted by:

15 May 2007

I'm getting this 'RPC Server is unavailable" when trying to join my XP PRo Wks to our domain. Please help!!

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