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Posted by:

25 Jun 2007

hey thats a nice article one must say , though im in a similar problem , i would like to know where can i get the corrected registry of Rpcss and how do i install it in my registry. As im Running a winxp SP2 system , do i have to install a RPC server in order it to work . My all RPC service is on and also RPC locator.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the RPCSS entry from a spare machine of mine: http://askbobrankin.com/rpcss.reg

Posted by:

31 Jul 2007

Great to know someone has some knowledge in RPC. Hello Bob and thanks in advance. My problem started last week. I'm getting the error "The RPC Server is unavailable". This happens when I try to print from a client or view properties on the server. By the way the server is WinNT4.0 Sp6a which is having the issue. I looked over many many articles but could not find anything that helped. One weird thing is when we boot the server, the printer shows up and I can do a test print, but after that if I try the test print again, I get the error.

Posted by:

01 Aug 2007

Hello All, To resolve the issue I had was to reinstall the service pack SP6a for WinNT 4.0 Server and everything works great now. Thank you for your advice and help.

Posted by:

02 Aug 2007

Hi, this article is great, and has helped me a lot to get rid of a great headahe. This is precise, lucid and can be easily understood my anyone with just the basic knowledge.

Posted by:

15 Aug 2007

I am having a similiar problem with my new printer. When I go to install the hardware I get an RPC Server Unavailable but I did the regedit like you have described and the RpcSs is in the registry. And yes the printer in question is a lexmark lol. But I do need help with this issue. Thank you for your time

Posted by:

16 Aug 2007

this happens "RPC server unavailable" when I try to renew my IP because it keeps crapping out on me. I have 2 computers but the laptop is a mac. any suggestions on how to fix this crap? also says DHCP server isn't available which is bs because I fixed it.

Posted by:

22 Sep 2007

I'm having all sorts of problems with my new printer, so if you have any advice, I'm grateful in advance.

(Long story short)

- Win XP Prof 64bit with all SP's

- New HP Printer doesn't install (RPC unavailable).

- /Services/RPC is running (automatic)

- /Services/Print Spooler NOT running, cannot be started, after pressing START nothing happens

- RPCSS exists and is OK in regedit

- tried copying spoolsv.exe and spoolss.dll from alternate PCs, but it keeps auto-"reverting" to the other version

- been through ALL Microsoft and HP solutions, nothing helped

Any ideas ? Many tnx in advance

Posted by:

25 Sep 2007

My RPCs registry key was fine. I found a simple workaround by just starting iKernel.exe process :


Posted by:

Elmer Diola
02 Oct 2007

the simple solution for this is to click run and type: net start rpcss

EDITOR'S NOTE: If your RpcSs registry key is missing, I doubt that will work. At any rate, you'd have to do it every time you boot. Better to address the root of the problem, right?

Posted by:

06 Oct 2007

Excellent thread, I'm having the same issue tonight :(

I located a helpful article on microsoft's site believe it or not, I'll provide the link here as well -


If that enormous link doesn't come through pretty here is a tinyurl :) http://tinyurl.com/2ouvfr

I've saved you to my favorites, much deserved!

Posted by:

09 Oct 2007

I've read all of these suggestions, I've read other threads regarding this problem as well, but I still cannot fix this! Your directions were clear, but I don't know what I'm doing and it seems as if you've stopped at "export". Where to I export it? What do I export? I cannot install my printer and it is causing me great difficulties. Please help or I shall just break down and cry!! Really. I'm cannot figure this out! To top that off- my computer only works in safe mode- have no idea why or how to fix it! Your time in helping me with this (these?) problem(s) is SUPER DUPER important and appreciated!! :-)

EDITOR'S NOTE: Use REGEDIT to find the key/value that I mentioned. Then click File/Export to save it to a file on your desktop. Copy the file to the other computer, then use REGEDIT's File/Import. Clear now?

Posted by:

11 Oct 2007

what is Regedit?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's the Registry Editor. To start it, use Start / Run / REGEDIT

Posted by:

12 Oct 2007

I've read everything and I don't seem get it. I really need help my kids are making me crazy we can't reboot the computer because the RPC server is unavailable. I did everything I could, but my son erased the RPCss by accident so now what do I do? And I didn't get the part to export and import to another machine thing, I could export it but how can I import it and where do I have to import into? Please answer me when you can We would REALLY appreciate this. I really, REALLY, need your help on this.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The export must be done on a working computer. The import is done on the problem computer. Both are done while in REGEDIT. Use File/Export and File/Import.

Posted by:

donncha geraghty
12 Oct 2007

hello there, cheers for the article and its very helpful and hopeful. I'm try n my best as i`m a bit of a novice. I think Ive removed some dodgy malware off before and i think this might of led to this problem. Now under my date and time properties/internet time i cannot update my clock and i keep getting the same message displayed "rpc server is unavailable". Ive done what you`ve asked and i`ve created a system restore point for backup and ive located rpcss in my registry but which location am i supposed to export it to?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You need to export the RPCSS key from a working computer. Then import that key to the non-working one. The filename doesn't matter.

Posted by:

28 Oct 2007

I lost a very important adjunct program related to FlightSim 2004, (PC Crashed)

I've tried all the suggestions mentioned above but everything seems to be normal or OK and I still get the message RPC server unavailable when I try and launch it. It's called FlightSimNav and it's .exe file is found inside this zip folder fsnav470.zip. I am at a loss as to what to try next, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by:

07 Nov 2007

I am trying to install an app remotely but fails and gives the RPC server is unavailable error. I read the article and all the comments posted. I have the RPC service up and running fine. On both my pc, and the othe pc I am trying to do the install, the service is grayed out so you can not stop/start/or restart the service. I tried in Safe Mode and it was grayed out also. Suggestions? Running WinXP SP2 built in.

Posted by:

different jeff
19 Nov 2007

I have the same error happening, and I tried to open services, but microsoft said there was an error, and services must be closed. Additionally, this laptop takes 15 minutes to boot up, and seems like the cpu is working hard all the time. What shall I do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you can boot into Safe Mode and run a virus and spyware scan, that might help.

Posted by:

03 Jan 2008

I built this machine and bought O.S., XP H.A. My hard drive crashed and I replaced it and reinstalled O.S. Everything is fine except it won't load some software. Example, it will not load needed drives for Ethernet. RPC SERVER IS UNAVAILABLE. I have read yours and everyone else's input on this topic and can't find anything out of the norm. It shows in the service register, "both places", it says its running, auto and manual, I have used the "recovery console" and the start/run command and have got, no where. I have another machine here next to it and they seem to mirror. I have used every thing mentioned in this site except the regedit. What's on the chat does not make sense with what I see on my registry editor. I have loaded and reloaded and reloaded no change, need help!!

Posted by:

09 Jan 2008

I have checked my registry and the RPC entry appears in the Services list however, I still get an "RPC unavailable" message when I try to update the date and time. Any idea why?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Did you check for both RPC and RPCSS?

Posted by:

11 Jan 2008

I followed Bob's suggestion to repair the RPC server and it worked. What caused the problem was a free antivirus program download from AOL called Viewpoint. Once I uninstalled Viewpoint and the free McAfee virus potection program and restarted the MS RPC from the startmenu/run/msconfig/system and uninstalled my printer program and reinstalled it, everything worked fine.

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