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31 Oct 2006

I am having trouble with my i-tunes music 'skipping.' I store all the music on an external hard drive. The few songs that I have on my computer skip also. What could be the problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE:Ummmm, low on RAM?

Posted by:

dr octagon
12 Nov 2006

no because i have the same problem and i have 4GBs of RAM.

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26 Nov 2006

Same problem (horrible, 10 skips per song) on very high end laptop running XP Media edition. Same songs do not skip on iPod after transfer.

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09 Dec 2006

I'm having the same problem, it skips just like a damaged cd... and it has to do with the new version. I'm gonna see if I can use older versions of iTunes. There is no need to update to these 7 versions.

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12 Dec 2006

same problem. and i have 2gb of ram. nothing seems to work. problem is with both itunes and quicktime.

EDITOR'S NOTE: DId you try fiddling with the Quicktime settings? How about going to to get previous versions.

Posted by:

12 Dec 2006

.... and, i also note that it also happens on the audio tracks of videos that i view on itunes and quicktime (e.g., tv shows from the itunes music store) -- the video is fine, but the audio track is choppy and quickly falls out of sync from the video.

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20 Dec 2006

I continue to have the same problem. It used to be one of my favorite programs but that has changed drastically. i have tried all of the possible fixes listed on apple, the "quicktime fix" and the rollback. Nothing worked. (With the roll back, itunes store refuses to authorize the computer unless you have the most current version. Goodbye itunes!

Posted by:

19 Feb 2007

same problem and I am running 1 gig of ram. Well have to wait for 7.1 with patch

Posted by:

Nick the Procrastinator
27 Feb 2007

The quicktime fix seems to work for me. 2 gb ram here too. Might download an old version just to double fix it :)

Posted by:

03 Mar 2007

Problem sounds like its due to a low end audio device rather than ram issues. The wave out fix should sort it out. If you have any form of "onboard" sound device, AC97 etc you will probably have problems as the sound decoding is all done by the host cpu and not a dedicated hardware decoder on the soundcard. Most laptops use onboard sound sollutions because they are cheaper and save on mainboard space.. Go into control panel, go to quicktime and turn on the safe mode, otherwise invest in a better audio card.

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31 Mar 2007

I have a high end machine (dual core) and a high end audio card (Sound Blaster X-Fi), and iTunes 7 has started skipping, where 6 would not. Note that this kind of skipping is skipping FORWARD -- and if I rewind the song, it will not skip in the same place. This sounds like a bug in the playback engine for iTunes, to me. Perhaps using the Process Manager to lock iTunes to one CPU will help?

Again: note that this problem is NOT the stuttering where it re-plays the same piece of sound many times; that kind of stuttering is typical of overworked computers, too little RAM, etc.

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18 Apr 2007

Some systems seem to have a problem with the QuickTime Music Synthesizer. Solution: You need to change your audio settings in QuickTime.

On the QuickTime menu bar - Click Edit -> Preferences -> QuickTime Preferences, then the Audio tab. In the Music Synthesizer frame - change the Default Music Synthesizer to General MIDI, then click Apply.

Posted by:

18 Apr 2007

I have skipping similar to Jon in that in DirectShow-based applications I'll get skip-forwards just as he described. I'd already discovered, among other things, that setting the processor affinity for the application to CPU 0 solves the problem. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo - I've tried a Pentium D 805 and several different motherboards of different chipsets, all with the same problem with my X-Fi XtremeGamer and my Audigy 2 ZS.

But back to iTunes. I don't believe I have the skipping forward problems in iTunes itself, but I do have skipping. It seems to randomly at the beginning of songs, but so far I can't seem to make it occur when setting iTunes' processor affinity to CPU 0.

I'm still trying to figure out what exactly is to blame in all of this, but it's looking like Creative's drivers in my case, as the problem doesn't happen with onboard sound or with the kX Project drivers.

Posted by:

03 Jun 2007

Fixed! I had skipping with with and perfect playback with Windows Media Player. I tried all the solutions found on the web (Quicktime Prefs, waiting for gapless processing to complete etc, etc) but fixed the problem by running the Soundmax control panel for my onboard audio drivers. It put up an alert that told me that it wasn't being used to control audio. Some other software had taken control - it could have been the drivers that I got when updating my CD-ROM to a DVD drive - I really don't know. The control panel returned control to the Soundmax drivers and the problem is fixed...

Posted by:

05 Jun 2007

I recently installed a new harddrive, and experienced the skipping problem. I think its because I have the .itl file on one harddrive and the library on the other, sound similar to anyone?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You could try moving the ITL file.

Posted by:

04 Aug 2007

None of the suggestions worked for me. Tried QT control panel in all configurations. Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, etc.

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17 Aug 2007

This editor doesn't know what he's talking about. All this happens on both Macs and PCs and regardless of system configuration, what else is running, version of iTunes, etc. etc. iTunes files go south and just stop playing to the end at some point. No one can explain how or why. Back your music and restore files that get corrupted like this. Better yet, don't buy from iTunes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: So you're saying that iTunes randomly corrupts files on ALL systems, and it's only a matter of time before it gobbles up your music? Sorry, I don't buy it. Many people have used the tips here and eliminated the skipping without making any changes to the music source files.

Posted by:

18 Sep 2007

The problem is caused by "C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe" and Apple Mobile Device. Both have high mem usage, and always open with itunes (atleast for me). Solution: "Control Panel", "Administrative tools", "Services" and disable them. Failing that, you can kill them manually using CTRL + ALT + DEL.

Posted by:

18 Sep 2007

Getting rid of the 'QuickTime Music Synthesizer' pref worked for me, thank you.

Posted by:

Jimmy D
07 Oct 2007

I am playing music on my laptop computer. I use the winamp program to play this music. I am using and external hard drive for the music. It seems everytime I play the music it starts to skip. I checked for virus,there were none. I defraged my external hard drive. Is there a solution???? I appreciate any help you might be able to give..

EDITOR'S NOTE: You might be using an older (slower) USB 1.0 connection. If so, check to see if you can upgrade to USB 2.0.

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