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20 Oct 2013

Nowhere in your review nor on the MBAM website does it offer any hint as to how much this marvel costs for a home user, if the licence covers all browsers on the same computer, and if it can be copied to other computers in the same home.
I used to welcome automatic software updates but have had enough bad experiences (I got far more expert at re-installing operating systems than I wanted to be)that I now refuse them.
That said, I have used MBAM free for years and place it somewhere north of terrific.


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20 Oct 2013

Ok, Bob ... I have downloaded the Anti-Exploit Beta and it seems to quietly, sit on your taskbar, monitoring. No crashes or Blue Screens of Death or slowdowns, just sits there "working." By the way, I have Windows 7 Professional - 64Bit and it is running fine. :)"Never assume anything" ... However, I assume, when an attack occurs, this program will "pop up" some kind of an announcement, otherwise, it's purpose is moot.

When, you 'open' the program, it does tell you it's 'Running' and in looking, at the 'Log' area, it has told me, it is 'protecting' my 3 Browsers and Java. It seems to 'add' programs, as they are used.

Just a note, I agree with Joe ... Anti-Exploit Beta is a 'stand alone' Windows application. You can't find it on any of the Plug-ins or Extensions, in your Browser settings.

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Roger Wehling
20 Oct 2013

Thanks for the most helpfyl info, as always. I liked the song but it linked to this one that got me enjoyably sidetracked.

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21 Oct 2013

Bob, took your advise and installed this immediately. Have been hoping to find something like this for a couple of years as it does address one area of vulnerability that has concerned me.

This is s simple low maintenance program that installs very easily, slows nothing down and almost instantly is protecting your system. The one thing I hope it does is notify the user if it encounters a 'drive by download'.

Normally I don't install the same protection on my wife's computer as if it bothers her she shuts it off (yes, I check her computer a couple times a week to be sure she hasn't shut down basic protection) but this one is so unobstusive I definitely will install it. Thank you.

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21 Oct 2013

I installed it twice in my Windows8.1Pro system with uS Defender and both times I received a prompt stating "Cannot start Malwarebytes Anti-exploit Driver. the Anti-Exploit process will be terminated". Shot an email to MBAM making them aware of the issue with a screen capture of the error prompt! Too Bad!

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22 Oct 2013

In all fairness my above reply seems as a negative but I was only attempting the issue I was confronted with. Since this is a 'beta' version of the utility, I was impressed that they wrote back to me immediately stating:
"Hello and thanks for your interest in Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. This is a known issue of the current beta build. We are working on a new build which solves this problem. Please keep an eye on the support forum for the announcement of the new version. Thanks!" That deserves a few Kudos! :)

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31 Dec 2013

Bob - I was happily using Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Beta when suddenly today I started getting the message "The beta testing period has finished and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is not protecting you anymore. Please contact us to obtain a newer version." Is this their way to force a purchase of their product? It was a great freebee while it lasted!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Looks to me like it's still free, you just need to update your copy.

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