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27 Apr 2015

One of my jobs entails reviewing the spam folder in the company email account we use. It's amazing how many IDENTICAL emails we get in a row from supposedly different senders... And the ones we get in Chinese makes me wonder what the phisher was thinking...

The words of P.T. Barnum keep coming to mind about "one being born every minute." It's depressing to me to realize just how unaware if not just plain dumb so many people are.

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Old Man
28 Apr 2015

There's an old saying about the more we do to make things idiot proof, someone comes up with better idiots.

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28 Apr 2015

Bob, your article says "Malware typically gets installed when a victim opens a file attached to a phishing email or clicks on a link embedded in it. "

Reading YOUR articles involve clicking on a link in your emails. Although YOUR links just go to your website, don't involve logins/passwords, AND you have high security vigilance, you're still encouraging behavior that's becoming risky.

What if someone spoofs your email address and sends out carbon-copy newsletters with malware embedded in the links? [Apples and oranges have many differences, but both can go bad.]

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Eldred Coot
02 May 2015

We need an amendment to the Constitution that those who engage in internet thief give up all their rights and are immediately shot.
Classify them as terrorist.

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