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Posted by:

K. Mayberry
13 Mar 2007

While the sites you list are good, I'm surprised not to see - the National Library of Medicine on your list.

Since they have no advertisements or registration required and don't promote any "business" (we will ignore grant funding), I would feel that they would be a good starting resource. They have patient interactive materials and Spanish language versions available as well.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Consider it mentioned!

Posted by:

Amanda UK
13 Mar 2007

Just to say, you could add this to your list of reliable online medical services:

It's great. The phone help is presumably for UK residents only, but still, there's a lot of info on the site...

Posted by:

A. Weiler
13 Mar 2007

I was disappointed to see that four of the first five web sites listed were commercial web sites, and that three of them are run by WebMD, which is funded in large part by a pharmaceutical company (Lilly). Although such information may be accurate, we're getting only Lilley's side of the story; alternative therapies and medications may be either ignored or played down. (Just try searching WebMD on rivals Merck or Pfizer.)

Surely medical information from research hospitals, professional organizations, the National Institutes of Health, the Center for Disease Control, and other non-profits would be better choices for unbiased, factual medical information.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Being partially funded by Lilly doesn't automatically make WebMD biased. I searched a bit and found plenty of examples where WebMD prominently mentioned drugs made by Pfizer and Merck. WebMD is the biggest fish in the tank, so (as in any field) it's popular to bash them. But I think they offer an excellent resource which is easily to use -- something lacking in many government websites. Thanks for mentioning the CDC, I've added that link to the article.

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13 Mar 2007

I second the mention of MEDLINEPlus. It's my first stop for reliable medical information. Web sites for various professional associations (e.g. American Academy of Pediatrics) are also good, as is NOAH ( Also, if you need in-depth medical information, contact your local medical library. Many include lists of links for patients (see the list from my library at , and they also have access to information that is not freely available on the internet.

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13 Mar 2007

I agree with the kudos for WebMD. As a mother, I've used this site for several years and also found the information helpful and reliable. It never felt like they were trying to sell me anything, or push specific drugs.

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13 Mar 2007

The underlying source of all medical truth can be found at - Go to the site and watch the video. Discover that too many deaths caused by members of the AMA are not necessary. We Americans have the power to control our own health without the wasted billion$ for unnecessary and harmful "treatment$" such as cholesterol medication$, bp med$, and created diseases such as re$tle$$ leg $yndrome (guffaw).

Essentially all degenerative disease is caused by the body's inability to assimilate the SAD (Standard American Diet). Essentially all degenerative disease can be "cured" by consuming foods intended for human consumption. Consider the works of Dr. Max Gerson and of Robert O. Young, PhD.

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13 Mar 2007

As a medical librarian for over 20 years, the first two websites I go to for unbiased, qualified medical information are the National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus ( and the Karolinska Institut's Diseases, Disorders, and Related Topics (; WebMD is NOT my first choice. I would also be wary of the CDC site. Since the change in "administration" there have also been changes in the CDC patient information pages; I wouldn't blindly believe what is being posted on certain topics.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can you give an example?

Posted by:

14 Mar 2007

Another medical Librarian here. While there is nothing inherently bad about the commercial sites you offer, MedlinePlus has the advantage of being an aggregating site. You can find information from medical societies, commerial entities, government sites, and educational institutions, all in the same list. The information is vetted by medical librarians, and your have the opportunity to compare information from many different sources.

On the Medline Plus site, you can also access a medical dictionary, encyclopedia, and drug information, and one click takes you to PubMed, where you can do serious medical research, if necessary.

Posted by:

03 Jul 2007

My Friend's father is suffering with some problem in brain. doctor said 'Due to age factor it has come'. In his prescription 'Venticular system, cystronal spaces abd cerebral sulci in-general are prominent'. please recomend some medicines. for immediate cure.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ummm, wouldn't the doctor do that?

Posted by:

11 Jul 2007

I went to urgent care about a two weeks ago because my tonsels we so swollen that my they we touching. The doctor said I had strep and he gave me something to make the swelling go down and something for my strep because it hurt to the point of tears to drink, eat anything and my voice was going. I took all of the medication for the amount perscribe. 10-12 days later my tonsels we swollen again and they hurt badly. I have been drinking alot of tea and honey, motrin, and gargaling with salt and caynenne pepper. I think I have strep again and an ear ache. Why are my tonsels swollen again so soon? Will I have to have them removed?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, you're in the wrong place. You'll have to research your problem at one of the sites I mentioned, or see the doctor again.

Posted by:

09 Jan 2008

My husband is a person who normally sweats a lot. I am concerned about the smell of the sweat on his neck and on his head. It has a urine odor. He is 34 years old, and is hypoglycemic. Other than that he is healthy. His mother just passed away in April from renal failure and diabetes at the age of 52. I am really scared of the urine smell being a sign of him having renal failure. Is this likely, or am I just worrying too much?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Once again... I am not a doctor. Did you visit any of the medical advice sites I mentioned in the article?

Posted by:

17 Feb 2008

i have a rash under my armpit, its been for a very long time it coloured my armpit to a darker shade of my skin n its embarrasing to raise my arm in public.i would really appreciate it if a solution is been given to my problem thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: The solution is "see your doctor."

Posted by:

08 Mar 2008

What type of doctor would need to be seen for Alzheimer's testing?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Start with your family doctor or general practitioner. There are some simple tests they can do in the office.

Posted by:

18 Mar 2008

had an operation in mouth cavity to have a cyst removed. So surgery over etc etc... now the stiches have automatically dissolved but I had eaten something so a bit of flesh could be seen. A strange hard yellowish white or whiteish orange coating has now formed over the open flesh. Is the coating pus or some bacterial infection should I check up on a doctor? The coating stopped the open flesh from hurting and the area around it also doesnt hurt.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Call in the gang from Hard Copy... it could be an alien baby!

Posted by:

03 Apr 2008

blindness in left eye, loss of muscle control dizziness, all clears up in a few seconds. No pain. Causes?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe you got hit by a falling piano. Who knows?

Posted by:

02 Jun 2008

i workout just about everyday. im 24 years old and i consider myself to be healthy. right now im experiencing numbness in my left arm. i dont know what it is or what to do

EDITOR'S NOTE: See your doctor. I don't know nothin' about birthin' babies.

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05 Oct 2008

Four days back a small glass piece poked in to my left hand (palm), Immediately I approached a clinic for removing the glass piece, while they were trying to remove the glass piece (after injecting local pain killer in my palm) a lot of blood was flowing out, after sometime the doctor removed a small piece of glass. After this I was having a slight num feeling in my ring finger.

Now after four days, still now Iā€˜m having the same slight num and bit painful feeling in my ring finger. And now that cut portion has swollen up little bit ā€“ what could be the reason for this, could any of my small arteries been damaged or could there be another piece of glass left out it that wound. Please advice me ā€“ what should I do now.

EDITOR'S NOTE: My advice? See a doctor instead of posting in a tech help forum.

Posted by:

16 May 2011

Is there a software application which can record our words and type it on a wordpad. eagerly looking forward for the answer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, Dragon Naturally Speaking. Even has a medical dictionary.

Posted by:

16 May 2011

I'm really glad to have been born on the age of the internet. I myself look up my symptoms before going to the doctor so i know what i could do to cure myself so i can avoid going to the doctor (cause let's face it, it costs a lot to get a check-up.)

I go to WebMD too and mayoclinic as well as to remedy any ails i feel. Of course i don't really reccommend experimenting with REAL drugs. As long as it's just home remedies like lemon or honey it's fine to try to cure yourself but never attempt taking any real drugs without proper medical advice.

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