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Posted by:

Denis Lynch
12 Nov 2009

I have an internet radio station and need to get an 800 number. Any suggestions or have you published on the subject of 800 numbers?


Posted by:

Jean Lockwood
09 Dec 2009

In a previous existence, circa 1960, I was a programmer who morphed into a tech writer before retiring in 1990. Now, I live in a retirement home where there are lots of people trying to deal with computers. I do what I can (and some of the challenges are immense) and your site is a big help.

I especially like the article about "how much computer do you need". Right now I'm confronted by a very nice woman who is from Afghanistan, and totally computer illiterate. She went out and bought a laptop---the HP Pavilion Entertainment PC---which she would have no idea how to use, even if she could affort the internet hookup. A netbook would have been all that she needs--she just wants to send email to her relatives in Afghan.

Just thought you'd like an "attaboy".

Jean Lockwood
Virginia USA

Posted by:

07 Oct 2010

to repalce dell laptop fan can only be bought at
dell ....(inspiron 5000) I can not find any one that has them.


Posted by:

William Breen
12 Oct 2010

Recently we received an email message from a friend with an attachment promoting a Canadian distributors products like Viagara. Our friend says she did not send it. It appears that they were able to use her address and some of her addresses on her contact list. How can they legally steal her address?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Her account was compromised by hackers who guessed or otherwise obtained the email password. Changing the password should solve the problem.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2010

I go into an existing Favorite of mine and I get a warning message that says,
Security Warning
Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?
This web page contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire web page. How do I prevent this from appearing every time?

Posted by:

30 Mar 2011

my pc stuck in motherboard logo at the time of booting and i am not able to enter BIOS setup. The situation occur while, i was installing windows7, meanwhile i had press alt+ctrl+del to restart my pc, after that this hard drive (80Gb, i was using it since 3 years) is not supporting to my pc's motherboard, and the hard drive still working fine with other system (but not mine). Now i have purchased a new hard drive for my system and its working cool.Everything is ok in my pc. Please give solution.

Posted by:

08 Nov 2011

I have a Gateway MX8738 that won't power up. I checked the power supply/charger and its putting out 18V at the computer. Also checked the CMOS battery and it appears to also be OK. What kind of problem am I looking at?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you get nothing at all when you power up? Any lights burning, or fans turning? If you get lights and fans, maybe the hard drive is at fault. You could try hooking it up to another machine with a USB enclosure to test.

Posted by:

John Munro
22 Jan 2012

Good day Mr. Rankin,
Your top twenty article mentions "...Every night a friendly robot looks through the Ask Bob logs to see which articles were the most popular over the past week. Here are the current Top Twenty, ranked by readership volume..."

Would that daily data be available for a few weeks or more and, if it is kept, might I get a copy to use for some assignments in my Computer Business Software course at the University of the Virgin Islands?

It would be much more interesting than end-of-chapter sanitized problems, and we could look at patterns of progress/place for various articles, whether weekly "updates" are initially hot and taper off (or not), etc.

I realize this request is somewhat off-the-wall, but after my 16+ yrs tourbus ridership, I figured it's worth the inquiry. Whatever the response, I'll certainly continue to read and enjoy your newsletters/articles. Thank you!

Posted by:

John Boney
25 Jan 2012

i am runing vista the video is when i play a video i can paus the video but the sound keeps playing when i play the video the sound is playing two sounds at same time. what can i do to stop this

Posted by:

Edward Drummond
30 Jan 2012

Bob, Having been a fairly avid reader of yours, I obviously respect your opinion and would like another one on the subject of forums if you would. (grin)

Specifically, your take on the Vanilla forum software.
Does doing an article on the various types of forums interest you? I have no experience with any of them but the Vanilla forum is something new my web host just added to their script list. It looks very user-friendly. If you prefer to avoid this issue for now that's cool but I had to ask somebody and I wanted it to be you first. Any thoughts?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Have not used Vanilla. But forums are a very common attack vector, so I'd only use one that's known to be secure, and be diligent to apply updates. I've used vBulletin in the past, and it has a good reputation.

Posted by:

Billy Ross
31 Jan 2012

Hi Bob
Just felt like saying a very big THANK YOU for all the very valuable and fascinating information you present us with.
It really is invaluable, especially to an 'oldie' (only 70). My Bob Rankin file has all the best of 'Top Twenty' items and more, for me to use, and it's pretty full! Best wishes.

Posted by:

05 Apr 2012

I have Vista on my computer plus a router hooked up, I d/l Frostwire awhile back and hadnt had any problem d/l songs, til out of the blue I couldnt d/l any, and it says Windows has detected a firewall. I have gone in and "allowed" Frostwire, but still cannot connect. What do I do. Thanks

Posted by:

16 Apr 2012

When I type with my keyboard its giving me different character. For example when I type letter p, its giving the number nine.

Posted by:

25 Apr 2012

SupwerSpyWare, Windows defense, did not catch the Adware of babylon. Babylon Adware has gotten into my Hard Disk, it has its principal branch or call it a main structure with unbelievable 574 other associated add-ons all searching and spying. These guys are high ranked geeks, I/we can't fight them per-se. I tried all sorts of ways to delete this babylon. The forums are full of hundreds of people complaining and asking how to get rid o it. It's supposed to be a translating and system, but instead also spies. The only anti-adware to see t was SpyBot. The using SpyBot I tried to kill Babylon, so I got rid of 557 add-ons, except 17 that SpyBot says can not be deleted, but upon a re-boot, then the other 17 "might" get deleted also. instead, apparently Babylon sets out to punish you because you attempted to delete it. I read that in the process of trying to delete it, it will leave a glitch or a macro in the C:Windows/System32.cmd file, thus crashing your computer. It's been days I have searched fro an positive solution, but apparently so far, no one has come up with a definitive way.

Posted by:

LaVon Hancock
10 May 2012

I have a fair collection of VHS tapes, some collectables that are deteriorating and I need to get them on DVD. I am looking for the best possible transfer, could you help me? Thank you.

Posted by:

Mary Sp
14 Jun 2012

How can I convert my old tapes on to CDs

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not exactly what you asked, but the concepts are the same... See

Posted by:

J Krell
14 Aug 2012

Newer HP win7 64bit pc. Typing erratic, is near normal on word processor,skips letters, spaces etc on say. chats with techs,and this para also misses first letter of word,etc. Sometimes have to pound each key so all lettes, spaces, punctuation etc gets typed first time. Tried keyboard settngs- no help. Sightly better with another board.No way to set default.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2012

what does Stack over flow at line 0 mean? How can i get rid of it?

Posted by:

Fred Huddle
15 Oct 2012

Do I need to switch to Win 8 Pro? I can buy a copy for $39, which would seem to be a "deal." My computer runs well on Win 7 Home Pro....

EDITOR'S NOTE: There's no "need" to switch. I generally recommend staying with the operating system you have, if everything is working, and you don't need any software that requires an upgrade.

Posted by:

09 Nov 2012

Hi Bob: Your Q&A are excellent. I have a question. I have Brother HL2270DW laser printer and a Lenova Intel Core 2 Due Desk top with word perfefect XP 7. Finding it difficult to connect the printer/s. I also have HP Office jet 4500 that too I'm looking forward to connect. When I go to the control panel and look into printer I see both listed, but are not connected. How can I connect? Thanks. Sha.

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