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25 Jul 2007

Hi, What happened to your Internet Tourbus Newsletter?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nothing... we just celebrated our 12th birthday. You can sign up at TOURBUS.COM

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20 Oct 2007

Hi Bob,

I am looking for a photo flatbed scanner, can you tell me wich brand is good and what to look for in a photo flatbed scanner. I would like to scan photos as well as documents.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Logitech is a good brand, but I've had noname scanners that worked fine.

Posted by:

Ralph Stewart
25 May 2008

While doing an upgrade re-install of Windows Anytime Upgrade, my computer is stuck at the Activate Windows screen. After calling on the phone and getting the new activation numbers, I tried to enter them, but the window/page is larger that my screen and I can not get down to where I need to be in order to enter the numbers. Is there some way to change my screen resolution so as to make the window/page smaller? I have a Dell Laptop and the Tech. wants to charge me $129 for a one time fix. The fix Dell will provide is to reset my computer to factory stats.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pressing the TAB key will get you to the hidden input fields. But maybe installing an external monitor would be easier.

Posted by:

20 Jun 2008

Does anyone have experience or links that show comparison/ ratings of Presto, Celery -
services that would help older ones receive email/photos?
They say it's easy to use.

Posted by:

03 Sep 2008

My daughter has a wireless laptop with Windows Vista. She currently has Firefox as her browser, but would like to reactivate IE. How do I go about doing that without messing up her wireless connection?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It should make no difference which browser she uses. She can even use both at the same time. Nothing needs to be done to "activate" a browser... just click the icon for the browser of your choice and go.

Posted by:

11 Sep 2008

A friend of mine tells me that he has a Pansat Digital Broadcasting Receiver(3500SD). Apparently you simply hook it up to a satellite dish and your TV, and bingo, you have access to thousands of channels free of charge. Now that sounds good to me, but almost too good to be true. Your thoughts Bob?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Pansat unit is a "Free to Air" satellite receiver that can receive UNENCRYPTED satellite transmissions. Using these satellite receivers, one can receive certain TV signals without a subscription. I'm not sure of the legalities involved. But the caveat is this: Most of the satellite channels you'd be interested in getting ARE encrypted. It's the box you rent from the satellite provider that does the UNencryption and allows you to view those channels.

Posted by:

17 Sep 2008

I think we have all been coned into thinking vista is better.

Because they promoted it on a lie, the lie that the vista search is better than ever, because when I tred it to find things that I would have easily been found by WXP I realised it is a big con in fact the search is about 10 times worse! that is being generous.

My question is what search software can I use with

Vista that works as good as the WXP search? I know a lot of people have been conned in to Believing the lie and therefore given vista good reviews. But I would like your comments.

Posted by:

24 Sep 2008

hey bob... just found u. way cool web, watch for ur snickers and coffee later. doc

Posted by:

Annette Hall
20 Nov 2008

Most of the time I am able to receive pictures and or music, but sometimes instead of a picture,

there is a red x in the top lefthand corner of what should be a picture. A friend of mine tells me that jpg has something to do with that. I thought that jpg was the size of a picture. Can you advise me about this? Thanks!

EDITOR'S NOTE: JPG is just the name of an image format. For help with the Red X problem, see

Posted by:

06 Dec 2008

what cause the problem if the ball in the mouse is dirty

EDITOR'S NOTE: The mouse picks up dirt from the surface where it is used. Just open the bottom of the mouse and clean it out with your fingers or tweezers.

Posted by:

doron gatch
14 Dec 2008

how do i downgrade from vista to xp?


Posted by:

17 Dec 2008

I have just gone to firefox to escape the hackers in IE7, how do I know if I have been hacked? Will my internet security pick it up?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you have a good anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall, you should be adequately protected.

Posted by:

08 Jan 2009

I have a COMBO CD/DVD drive & find that when wanting to play DVDs it will only play cheap double sided or illegal copies. It wont play legitimate store bought copies. Can U tell me how I can get round this problem please!!!

EDITOR'S NOTE: You're probably trying to play NTSC-formatted discs on a device that's configured for PAL (the UK standard). You can probably fix the problem by setting the DVD drive to a region that supports PAL. See the manual or vendor's website for help with that.

Posted by:

12 Jan 2009


EDITOR'S NOTE: If you can connect to the router with one laptop, then the other should work the same way. Are you sure it has a wireless adapter, and the adapter is turned on?

Posted by:

17 Jan 2009

Took a free scan from RegCure, took their offer of 3 free error removals and had to re-install my entire system. Thanks Bob

EDITOR'S NOTE: Okay, but I hope you don't think that *I* recommended RegCure. If you want to see the list of registry cleaners I recommend, look here:

Posted by:

20 Jan 2009


I am using vista with dial up,(Net Zero), and the email attachments will not completely download. They go to 99% and the computer never completes the download. It just runs until I stop it. I tried cleaning up the computer with ccleaner and the computer is faster, but still no go on the downloading of the email attachments. Any suggestions?

EDITOR'S NOTE: My guess would be that an anti-virus or anti-spyware tool is interfering. Try temporarily disabling these and see if that helps.

Posted by:

10 Feb 2009

I want to install Linux operating system as an second operating system with microsoft xp operating system. can it possible? If possible please give me the webaddress to download linux software and please give how to install it as a dual operating sytem.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, very doable. This will help: OR

Posted by:

17 May 2009

need help! have 2 hard drives,cant access slave cant can download but wont install.sound doent work eithercard is installed. what do I do to solve this problem?

Posted by:

03 Jul 2009

these tips are very very useful

Posted by:

18 Sep 2009

I am a 73 year old retired male. I have a 32bit HP desktop computer with Vista Home Premium. I wish to buy a new computer with Windows 7 on it, does the W7 take over from VHP or will the new one need to have both-W7 & VHP? Also would I be better getting a 64bit computer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: There's no need to have Vista on your new Win7 computer. Anything that runs on Vista will run on Win7. As for 64-bit, there are a few 32-bit programs that don't work well on 64-bit systems. Check any important programs to see if they'll work on 64-bit.

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