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15 Oct 2007

Can anybody suggest how can we copy faster, a bunch of files accross the systems on LAN.

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24 Oct 2007

I found this software on eBay and it works awesome, The software has organized my drive very efficiently and it actually increased performance by 40%. Its all about the defragmentation with Perfect Disk 8.

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21 Nov 2007

I really hope this works , i have tryed everything but your idea seems to make sense so im gonna try it out!

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14 Dec 2007

I recently had Windows XP installed on my's running great and I love it. Unfortunately, I keep getting a request for a product key number. I don't have the disk and have no idea where to find the number...can you help me?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Whoever installed XP should have the disk, and the product key, if it's a legally purchased copy...

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06 Jan 2008

Can anybody suggest how can we copy faster, a bunch of files accross the systems on LAN.

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07 Jan 2008

I just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful tutorial! My pc is quite old and has been running excruciatingly slow lately but i performed all the steps of your guide and my pc is now 10 times faster than it was! Thanks for taking the time to outline such detailed instructions, I appreciate it!

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12 Jan 2008

Thank you, my computer has many large computer games and after doing your steps my games run much smoother with higher frame rates! Also my hard drive is now 85% free! Amazing!

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05 Feb 2008

Hey, you know another thing that may help is getting rid of tracking cookies some websites give your computer. You can do that by using your yahoo toolbar and using anti-spy. Very quick to do. And your information was great too!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I don't think dumping cookies will speed up your system. Ultimately, it will probably slow you down, because you'll have to re-enter data in the web forms that were saved.

Posted by:

05 Feb 2008

My cpu is opperating at 1.86 mhz. How can I get the speed up to at least 2.0 mhz or better?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Buy a 2 MHz processor? Overclocking is sometimes possible but can result in overheating. I don't recommend it.

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10 Mar 2008

I had that warming on my computer that my virtual memory was low and I don't even know what it is. I went to your site and followed your instructions and it has improved immensely. It was slower than a stage coach so to speak. this computer is 4 years old with 40 gig hard drive and 512 of ram, not much by today's computers. I am going to have a look at the XP Speed up. Thanks a lot, I will be visiting your site in the future.


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19 Mar 2008

Thanks bob, at last something that made a real difference! Have a snickers on me!

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22 Mar 2008

Hey, i have problem with Turning Off Extraneous System Services part, i did turn off most of things you told me too but now i cant host games.If you know which one should i turn on back in order to host games again, please tell me.

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23 Mar 2008

I've found a great program that can clean your registry your browser history and all sort s of other things that really speeds up your computer. The program is called CCleaner and is a very dependable program. This site trusted and is guaranteed to be spyware free. Try it and you will most likely notice a difference in speed.

Posted by:

29 Mar 2008


EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm guessing you are concerned about the warranty. If so, I don't think any vendor is concerned about software changes.

Posted by:

02 Apr 2008

You Rock Man..Keep me posted by sending emails with u r updates

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08 Apr 2008

I am using Windows XP OS. I found that some of my files in Windows and system32 folder were in blue colour . Is this is a virus? I scanned my PC usinf Free AVG software.

EDITOR'S NOTE: No, the blue files are just compressed. You may see green files as well, they are encrypted.

Posted by:

Ed Stewart
05 Jun 2008

The simplest and best way to speed up your computer is to format it and install Ubuntu 8.04 linux and have no need for all the antivirus spyware garbage and no registery. It runs circles around Vista.. Ed

Posted by:

josh medrano
11 Jun 2008

it really worked! kep it on advicing bob!

Posted by:

20 Jun 2008

I am using a new PC with Core 2 duo and 2 GB RAM but still I an get error low on virtual memeory I followed the steps U told about virtual memory but still the error persist. what should I do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Something is chewing up your system memory. I suggest you start the Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete once) and then click on the Processes tab. Now click on the Mem Usage column header and it will sort the processes by the amount of memory used. Let me know what you see as the top memory gobblers.

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04 Jul 2008

My older computer (Windows XP) no longer allows me to get into the "internet options" under "tools" on Internet Explorer. It gives me a message indicating I have to check with the Systems Administrator". I used to be able to make changes there, but something happened to prohibit me from getting in. Can you provide any assistance? Thanks, Denise

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do you have multiple usernames (accounts) on your computer? If so, the one you have logged in with may not be an Admin account.

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