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Posted by:

01 Aug 2010

This article has really helped me. My computer seems to be running much faster now. Thanks so much!

Posted by:

15 Aug 2010

duuuude, IT WORKS! :D

Posted by:

27 Aug 2010

Domo arigato, Mr. Bob!

Posted by:

22 Oct 2010

Thanks you Bob. It helped me to speed up my slow pc. Now my pc is very very faster than before. Thanks.

Posted by:

24 Oct 2010

I use to be able to print from my Toshiba laptop to hp cqp 5000 my desktop pc, now I can't. My laptop runs vista and my desktop runs xp. I've tried reinstalling the network connection to the printer hp desk jet 930c but my laptop can't find it.
Anyone have suggestions.
Thanks Ray

Posted by:

26 Oct 2010

honestly i have to read alot more but so for this is really good info i really need thank you Mr Bob

Posted by:

Tony C
31 Oct 2010

I am sytill evaluating but it dose seem to be looking good.

I will let you know later.


Posted by:

12 Nov 2010

I started your recommendations with Microsoft updates. I have it set to automatically update anyways but when I went through Update History I found a slew of updates that failed. Any idea why? Could it be that they aren't for Win7 x64? Any way I can reinstall them? I couldn't find a way to do it manually from the list.

Thanks, Michelle

Posted by:

12 Nov 2010

Okay, I haven't been awake long nor have I finished my morning coffee. While going through comments I realized the article is for Win XP. I have Win7 64bit. Will this all work for me too? Lesson learned, coffee before net!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, pretty much all of these tips apply to Win7 as well.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2010

As usual, your advice and recommendations are spot on.

Merci boucoups!

Posted by:

Dr.Asoka Diss
13 Nov 2010

I have a simple remedy.

Give up Microsoft Windows and join Linux Company, if not dual boot with Windows with Linux.

SimplyMepis has a sweeper to do this and PClinux can be set at install time to clean up at boot time.

Worse come, you reinstall without formatting Home partition.
i used to clean windows by booting up with Linux but I do not advocate if you are new to computing, lest you delete the system files too.

Now i do not have any of these problems, since I do not Microsoft at all.
Join the Linux Band Wagon!

Posted by:

17 Nov 2010

Very nice post and thanks so much for your kind share! Also, I have found a very powerful registry cleaner at Advanced PC Tweaker site to speed up your computer. If you like, you can have a trial with it!

Posted by:

18 Nov 2010

You're wrong on one point: Ram memory isn't going to help the most. Buying an SSD and installing windows (or an other OS) on that is going to help even more.

Example, we have two laptops both running vista (don't ask me, my parents bought it and don't want to reinstall). One has a dualcore 1.3GHz cpu with some crappy onboard videochip and 1GB Ram. And the other has a 1.41GHz dualcore cpu, also some crappy onboard videochip and 2GB Ram. But the first one, which should be slower, has an SSD instead of a HDD like the other, and it's a LOT faster.

Posted by:

27 Nov 2010

how can i make my broadband net connection fast??

Posted by:

15 Dec 2010

There's only one solution for faster working on a computer: Buy A Mac!

Posted by:

Dell Desktop
20 Dec 2010

Thank you! This was super helpful. I'm always hesitant of going in and changing the registry, so I think I'll avoid that. One question: what do you think about defragmenting the pagefile?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I came across a pagefile defrag program, and tried it on my XP system that I run 24/7. I have not defragged for several months and my pagefile showed no fragmentation. Neither did any of the other system files. Here's the tool:

Posted by:

Nishant Prateek Minz
30 Dec 2010

I have mts mblaze Data Card but not it"s slow ?
How can I improve its speed.

Posted by:

Dll Error
07 Jan 2011
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Posted by:

14 Jan 2011

Sleep and Hibernate are big time savers that lots of people seem to be unaware of. I rarely shut my laptop down. At home I use Sleep; takes about a second for laptop to be ready to use. And all my active windows are still open, as I left them. When travelling I use Hibernate, to avoid the risk of the laptop waking while on the move. Hibernate is a little slower than Sleep (because the hard drive is used, rather than just keeping the RAM powered up).

(BTW, Bob, I don't know if this point has already been made. I don't know how to quickly search the 158 comments because they are on multiple pages. Is there an easy way?)

Posted by:

17 Jan 2011

Thank God,for people like you!

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