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08 Mar 2011

Try this, it will definitely help your pc run faster. Its just a Driver Bug.

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30 Mar 2011

I cannot get my maximize & minimize to work you know at the top right of page their is a box with - in it & another box with what looks to be a square inside a box then their is the close box a box with a X inside it, it makes the page shrink when U click onto one of the boxes, can U tell me how I can get this to working again, if U need my email address it is

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12 May 2011

i want to make my computer faster i got before the,,windows xp, and 2 days at go i duwn lod the windos 8 ,because i want it fast and it looks way more slow now i have to wait about 5 minutes so it can go to google windos ,just want to know how can i make my pc more fast , or what to do whit it is just so slow ,,

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20 Jul 2011

I'm sure we all have add-ons in our browser. I have IE8 XP and don't know what most of these add-ons are for. Under Microsoft Corporation I have 30 of them. I doubt they are all necessary. Some are from back in 2007. How do I know which ones I can disable from running? I'm sure my browser would open much faster without such clutter.

EDITOR'S NOTE: 30 addons sounds like a lot, especially for IE. Since I don't know which ones you have, I'd recommend that you Google each one and decide if you want to keep it or not.

Posted by:

Roy Ferris
30 Aug 2011

Hi Bob,

I have a HP Pavilion dv 2000 Laptop that has a dual boot with windows XP pro on both drives ( C: & E:). However when I boot up on the C: drive everything works fine and my broadband speed is over 2meg, and the PC runs OK. But when I boot-up using the E: drive my connection speed is less than half and the PC runs very slow. The hardware is of course the same, the broadband connection is the same, I can only think it is the OS. I have purchase a number of Registry cleaners etc, but none of them make any difference. Any ideas?? Roy Ferris

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Dell Hill
19 Sep 2011

You may also reach a point in time when following all of these important steps just doesn't cut the mustard...and you're also hearing a louder sound emanating from your machine. I experienced this "slow machine" - "louder sounds" from my 11 year old computer and I knew that hard drive failure was just around the corner. Best to back up all of your photos, documents, music, etc,, and bite the bullet. I did so. Didn't lose a thing. In fact, I gained an excellent new computer.

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19 Sep 2011

The dll program costs $43 plus
and the other program
cannot be downloaded at other site to test.

Might be good programs, but.....

Thanks for great help, Bob!!

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22 Sep 2011

I use the free Advanced SystemCare program to work for executes most tasks you mentioned .

Thanks Bob for your internet courses .

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25 Sep 2011

Windows XP needs to be defragged more often than Vista and Windows 7. Defraggler is a great tool, made by Piriform, the same company that makes CCleaner. It works better than Windows disk defragmenter.

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05 Oct 2011

Hi Bob,We need a .pdf to .xls converter, but cannot find anything suitable on the internet. We need an app that would keep the same format after converting as the original pdf.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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11 Oct 2011

have a look at here for a little more tips of speeding up a PC.

Posted by:

Microsoft support
15 Nov 2011

An excellent article on how to speed up windows xp..You can also check with might give you some insight into this issue.

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30 Dec 2011

Any computer will get slower over time if gets used.
I don't really mind more bootup time in my 'oh-so-busy' schedule, why am I in a hurry?
I fire up 'Slowpoke', go for coffee and when I'm back I'm good to go. I keep my system clean; anti-malware scans, remove temp files, etc, etc.
IMHO, we have gotten used to instant gratification and demand everything RIGHT NOW!
Mr. Bob, your advice is very good, as usual, but you can't do everything for everybody.
As for RTP's post, I'm a poor speler.

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31 Dec 2011

ive installed windowz 7 professional in my laptop. n my laptop is a dual core processor,1 gb ram,120 gb hdd. When i start my computer ,after 30-40 minute it became to slow.ive run all the system tools but again the system is too slow so ive decided to format my laptop so i did. After formatting also my computer is too slow. plz help meh n give me some suggestion.

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02 Jan 2012

My computer was pretty fast already. But ever now and then it would be super slow. After trying this, Now my computer is faster than ever. This was very helpful.

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24 Jan 2012

Hi Bob,

I tried to improve my PC's speed by slimming the startup selections as you suggested above, but it didn't work. Then later I discovered that my cd rom no longer works?

Now whenever I place a music cd it does not play, but it appears as if a music cd is loaded when I look in "my computer", and after the cd rom does nothing my computer freezes up, and none of the icon/programs will load, e.g., Internet Explorer will not open no matter how many times I click the icon. Until I restart my computer then everything else works until I try the cd rom again and then it starts freezing up like before.

One of the things I noticed when I restart my computer is a program ending "mm.jb.exe" with a message which reads that this program is unable to respond or something like, and there is another error message right after it but it closses before I can read what it says?

What is the matter with my computer, and do you have any idea how to help me solve this problem?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like you removed some essential items from the startup list. You can try adding them back, or run a System Restore to return to the state before the changes.

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01 Apr 2012

Nothing about defragging the registry and the hive...?

Nothing about using Microsofts Boot profiler?

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15 May 2012

Why is it that if I run a particular registry cleaning program it finds a certain amount of problems, and then declares the computer free of any problems. Then I run another scan using a completely different registry cleaning program, and it finds many other faults. Which am I to beleive, and just which, and how many different programs do I need to use?

Posted by:

Gerard Connaughton
17 May 2012

"To get the latest Windows fixes, open Internet Explorer, click on Safety, then Windows Update..." Shouldn't this read: click on Tools, then Windows Update...? Thanks for the sensible article.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe on older IE versions. On IE8 or IE9, you click Safety first.

Posted by:

akshay singh chauhan
06 Jun 2012

this is very effective and simple tricks thank youuuuuuuuuu sooooooooo much guys

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