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Posted by:

15 Dec 2009

thanks for ur valuable suggestions and guidelines.
i have a question that... whenever we use pendrive, some system entries will generate in our registry and some other we would erase all pendrive entries in our system .
thank u

Posted by:

Adam Restoule
18 Dec 2009

I find my PC is running pretty slow even after a clean install. It has Pentium 4 2.2GHz with 224MB of RAM. Is this pretty low? I feel like my problem is page thrashing but I want to be sure before purchasing anything.


Posted by:

20 Dec 2009

@Adam Restoule: 224MB of RAM is EXTREMELY low.

Most programs require at least 512 MB.

My computer has 704MB. Which is still pretty bad.

In my opinion, 1 GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for a PC today.

You can get PC's with over 16 GB's of RAM.

The Japanese made a computer with over 2 Terabytes.

Posted by:

29 Dec 2009

My XP runs slow, as well. It freezes up at times too. I have a free F-Secure anti-viral software, which when removed from another computer, increased it's performance, dramatically. I'd rather not run it without anti-virus software, but a friend of mine said she does and always has.
What say you?
F-Secure is dragging me down...

Posted by:

Adam Restoule
04 Jan 2010

Thanks for the RAM advice. I'll upgrade and see how it goes.

Posted by:

make windows xp faster
09 Jan 2010

Slow startup is a common even of Windows xp user.

Windows built-in a lot of services and startup item start with system. So if you want a faster windows xp, you need to disable some of them first.

I saw a article before in ezine(A famous article site). It descripe how to make you windows faster. --------------------> Windows Boot Slow

If you still don't know how to disable services safety, you can click here to make Windows XP Faster Too.

Any problems, Welcome to discuss with me! Enjoy it !

Keron Chew - A Computer Technication.

Posted by:

Chuck Cronan
13 Jan 2010

I just discovered an enormous slowdown. Not sure if Dr. Watson is of any use, but I had it set to append new items to the log. I just discovered that the log was nearly 5GB!! Years of accumulation. You can safely delete it, and reset Dr. Watson to NOT append. And I was backing it up, too. Its under Docs & Settings/ All Users/Application Data/Microsoft/DrWatson. It was too big for the recycle bin, had to be deleted.

Also my spyware program, which will not be identified, contributed to the slowdown. I deleted it and reinstalled; have to do this when there is a long pause when one should not be.

Posted by:

15 Jan 2010

Slow problem is a common event for Windows user. "No matter how fast or shiny computers might be when they're new, they all seem to get slower over time." Microsoft claimed that on their technical forum (Windows 7 forum).

In fact, Windows built-in a lot of services and startup item start with system. So if you want a faster computer, you need to disable some of them first.

I saw an article before. It descripe how to make your windows faster.

If you still don't know how to disable services safety,

Visit here

Any problems? Welcome to discuss with me! Enjoy it!

Posted by:

19 Jan 2010

great guide, perfect even for beginners and gets the job done.
ofcourse you know this but i would like to mention some other programs like CCLEANER and POWERDEFRAG in this context because they are worth checking out.
CCLEANER- this is excellent!it manages temporary folder and other useless small stuff which clogs the 'engine',it manages most registery related issues like useless remains after an uninstall(YES- some things remain even after uninstall) and can even enable/disable programs at startup.

defragment softwares like POWERDEFRAG- these are much faster than the windows defrag...the best one for you can be found out by 'googling'

so i especially recommend CCLEANER as both are free.

Posted by:

25 Feb 2010

i have got three office network they are in far distance. They are in network through the fiber i want to view all the IP and host-name of my intranet computers remotely ------------please help me the seniors

Posted by:

08 Mar 2010

Thank you so much!!! I just spent about an hour going through all the suggestions (luckily, I had most of the programs you mention already loaded), and my PC hasn't run this fast since the first year I had it!

The cancellation of services portion was brilliant and I think the crux of my new found speed.

Thanks again!

Posted by:

13 Mar 2010

Hahaha. I like this. This is a clever article. But I keep thinking to physically take the computer apart and putting something inside until I read further. :)

Posted by:

Syed Hammad Raza
19 Mar 2010


I want that the my computer welcome screen display for one second and system tray load qucikly all items, i have window xp.

plz tell me , What i can do for window performance?

Posted by:

29 Mar 2010

i think i have used system restore the wrong way a couple of times and now have more than one copy of windows xp installed if that is possible. all of my hard drive space is gone and now dont have enough to run defrag....please help

EDITOR'S NOTE: What makes you think you have multiple copies of XP installed? And what do you mean by using System Restore the "wrong way"?

Posted by:

30 Apr 2010

After I upgraded my internet explorer to version 8 the history and temp internet files folders have disappeared. My show hidden files and folders option is enable. But no such folders appear to exist in current user. The only place that these exists are under the account named administrator. What should I do to get there folders back?

Posted by:

30 Apr 2010

In my xp sp2 professional edition the free space appear to decrease everyday. The size of my windows drive is around 3 and half giga. But I only have around 3 to 4 hundred mega. What should I do?

Posted by:

16 May 2010

Love Your Guide Thanks A Thousand

Posted by:

CE Sturdevant
01 Jun 2010

Hi Bob.

Lots of things going on with my computer. First: I have Windows XP, 80 G harddrive, 256 MB RAM, 2.67 Ghz, total capacity of local disk (C:) is 75G with 48G of this being free, page file is system managed with 284 MB last check. I also have Norton Antivirus,and Ccleaner. My machine has also been Defragged, and excess documents were deleted or moved to an external harddrive.

My Problems: Difficulty only when connected to internet. One or another box pops up and a few minutes later the screen freezes or disconnects from the internet. My Norton Antivirus program stops before downloading updates and before fixing a problem. Downloading a webpage or e-book also often timeout.(popups either say: virtual memory minimum too low,runtime error 216, work offline, error code: 7, error code: 17, microsoft visual c++ runtime library, out of memory at line: 12, and other as such) What’s going on?

EDITOR'S NOTE: My first thought is that 256 MB RAM is the *bare* minimum to run XP. Upgrading to 1 or GB of RAM might cure some/all of those problems. You might also have a virus/spyware that Norton did not detect. Try installing the free MalwareBytes Anti-Malware:

Posted by:

06 Jun 2010

How to open Windows in Safe Mode and then re-start in Standard Mode?

Posted by:

02 Jul 2010

how can you install the voice device on the computer. it says the ( ethernet controller )and another one is ( multimedia divice ) please tell me how can i install it and how can i find it. thanks.

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