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Posted by:

09 Jan 2009

also.... open up tower and vaccum it clean... brush off fans with Q-tips and ull be set

Posted by:

god cobra
24 Jan 2009

Hey bob whats up, you were right my comp its more faster now and i can watch videos at full speed and play video games without any problem even with 200 MB of memory left or even 100, well thnxs bob and about your registry cleaner software i tried that but i have to pay in order to clean my registry so i tried another software and its working well.

Posted by:

13 Feb 2009

hey bob thank you very very much ur the best Pc Is working perfectt now so i just want a thank you fro ur Opinion.. THANK YOU

Posted by:

19 Feb 2009

Bob, I so appreciate your comments and recommendations! I had already done some of the cleanup before I came across your website, but still had a very slow computer, especially at startup. The recommendations for cleaning out the startup files really worked great! It got even faster when I went through your last step and got rid of extraneous system services.

I noticed one person had trouble with the antivirus and spyware removers slowing the computer down so much that they couldn't accomplish the remaining tasks. I deleted the antivirus programs after I used them, then I went on with the rest of the suggestions. I plan on reinstalling Avast and Spybot and using them as needed rather than allowing them to take up my time scanning everything.

Oh, and the whole process did take me about 6 hours total, but so worth it because the computer runs like new and the frustration factor is gone!

Once again, thank you so much!!

Posted by:

bob A.
04 Mar 2009

Hi Bob thank you for e-mailing me back. I did find information on two hard drives, my problem is how to get the computer to recognize the other guy can see it but I'm never asked which drive I want to choose and it doesn't, come up when I signed in. you mentioned something about the RIOS. been updated I will try that can see what happens thank you for allowing me to cruise your web site I greatly appreciate to help you offer us novice users. Sincerely Bob A.

Posted by:

Eric (Navy IT)
10 Mar 2009

All very good information for the un-informed user. The only bit of information I want to leave you guys with is this warning:

don't go out and buy 8 sticks of ram and pack your computer with it. Because if you're running windows with a 32-bit operating system instead of a 64-bit operating system, it will only read about 3.5-MAYBE 4 gigs of ram. So if you pack it full with ram, you're screwing yourself.

Also, when buying a new computer, keep these key components correct, they will make a big difference in your system's performance once out of the case:

1. Make sure your system ram and your systems processing speed are relatively close. If you grab a computer that has 4 GB of ram and 1.9 GHz of processing speed then you're actually losing performance. You want them to be as close together as possible as to use the most of your systems resources. If lets say you have a 3.9 GHz processor and only 2 GB of ram, then you're really gonna be in for a bumpy ride. If you're off-balanced on anything, you want to have more ram than processing speed, rather than more processing speed than ram.

2. Buy for what you're going to be using this with, and do your research before you pull out your credit card. Don't buy a computer built for the basic home user when you're going to be running Crisis on your computer, it won't work, and you'll crash your system.

3. PATIENCE. Don't run out and buy a computer because you want one NOW, you'll likely sacrifice security and performance for time, which is NEVER a good trade in the computer world.

There's obviously alot more, just use your old favorite search engine and learn as much as possible. Good job with the TUT by the way Mr. Bob Rankin.



Posted by:

20 Mar 2009

Hello Bob, Thank you very much for such cool tricks.., I like the suggestions which u have given ., Thanks and the tricks have worked so properly, now my comp works very much better , Thank You Very Much , Regards, Ashwin

Posted by:

23 Mar 2009

it is helpful for making your xp faster

Posted by:

25 Mar 2009

wow Bob your site is so awesome* it has tons of information.and links to so many other great sites with a vast selection of so much free stuff* I,M SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR SITE* simply wonderful*


Posted by:

27 Mar 2009

Hi Bob I am from NZ Downunder I have had this programe on my computer for quite some time but have never looked into it until tonite. Wow i'm blown away by it all. Just reading thru alot of the material at the moment tho. Again Wow.

Thanks a million Bob good stuff.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2009

I have not satisfied with your answer, please send me mail to sutaible answer using only software tools

Posted by:

29 Apr 2009

Definitely a helpful Step by Step Recipe! Thanks Bob.

Posted by:

Mike E
09 May 2009

Thanks for this! My PC is running much faster now.. but not as fast as i'd like. I'm just wondering about a few things..

I have defragged, cleaned, and run a virus scan, my pc still seems to be slow. I have just under half of my hard drive's memory left, and have uninstalled all non-essential programs. Do you have any idea why my computer is so slow? Thanks.

Posted by:

12 May 2009

Thanks for this great article!

One question/issue has come up for me - when I disable items in the startup items with the MSCONFIG utility, the computer re-boots in a Selective Startup mode... if I switch it back to Normal Startup it re-checks the items I disabled in the Startup items. How do I permanently disable those items? (Do I need to remove them from the registry with another utility?)


Posted by:

anis ansari
20 May 2009

this is a one of the good idea foe make any computer faster.

thank u bob...

Posted by:

20 May 2009

Followed your instructions to close down services I would not need. Well I regret that I did. Hyperlinks from MS Excel don't work anymore. Install with e NSI file doesn't work either. Which services should I restart?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The easiest thing is probably a System Restore to the day before you made the changes. Then you can tweak the services a little more carefully.

Posted by:

28 May 2009

I have suggestion how to make Windows XP Run Faster!.. Use Ubuntu .. Free, secure, fast, no Viruses, good looking, skins, run EXEs, 100% customizable. In XP i install half an hour drivers for my printer in Ubuntu just plug in and print .. That's my suggestion. Try it it free =)

Posted by:

Awais Imran
09 Jun 2009

Great post!

It really does help increase the system's speed.

Posted by:

10 Jun 2009

Your Recipe is cheesy! Thanks thou.

Posted by:

11 Jun 2009

You forgot to mention that switching off a lot of the visual effects in Windows (such as the animation when minimising or maximising windows) really helps speed up your machine, particularly when switching between programs.

Right click 'My computer', go to Properties. Click the 'Advanced' tab, select 'Performance settings', select 'adjust for best performance' and you're away. Windows might not look so pretty but it'll run a lot faster.


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